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Second Week Not Any Better (At least she showed up, I guess) April 17, 2008

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So the MIA “yoga” (I’ll get to those quote marks in a minute) instructor deigned to put in an appearance tonight.  She started off on a lovely note-instead of a heartfelt apology for any confusion last week she had this to say “Good thing there were only four people here.”  BZZZT! WRONG ANSWER. It certainly wasn’t a good thing for SIX people who showed up for class and wasted an additional 20 minutes sitting around waiting for you to show up.

And then she was all, “okay, start squatting.”  No introduction of herself, no introduction of the class or “yoga” or anything for the four people who were new to the class.  Every actual yoga class I’ve ever been to starts out with relaxation and breathing, and the instructor usually has set patter about yoga, breathing, cautions about pushing yourself and modifying poses if needed, etc.  We got none of that, which I would think would be especially important to new people who are also pregnant who maybe haven’t taken a yoga class before.

And then the “yoga.”  From squats, we proceeded to leg lifts; for at least the first 30 minutes, there was not a single exercise I recognized as a yoga pose.  I spent the first 10 minutes steaming and plotting how I was going to ask for my money back.  Somewhere towards the end there, she tossed in a downward dog and a loosely explained, sloppily executed warrior.  Oh, and there was partner work and touching of strangers-my favorite. 

At one point, one of the other new people asked “so twisting like this is okay in pregnancy?” and she just sort of shrugged and was like “yeah, whatever as long as you don’t do it to extremes.”  I have serious doubts as to whether or not she was even certified in any way to teach yoga, let alone had any specialized training for prenatal. 

So instead of stretched and relaxed I’m all pissed off and ranty.  MEH.


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