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More Rant April 18, 2008

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On the work bathroom! Lucky you! Avert your eyes if easily grossed out. After posting a note in there asking for better hygiene and courtesy of others, things did perk up for awhile, but are now quickly spiraling out of control again.

I do not know what they are feeding these people, but somebody needs some serious dietary help. Either someone has rampant IBS or is using the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet. Someone has a case of bowl splashing diarrhea EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in that bathroom. That is NOT normal.

I’m not unsympathetic, I’m prone to sensitive stomach myself. But it’s not an ongoing daily occurrence. Get some fucking help; adjust your diet, take some meds, something!

Now to add to the bespeckled bowls and the occasional actual shit streaked toilet seat, we now have a new problem. Earlier in the week, as I perched on my 10-layer nest of toilet paper (the pregnant lady can NOT squat) I noted a distinctive Cheeto crumb on the floor. In the bathroom stall. At the time, I told myself it had mostly likely just hitchhiked in there and was shaken off someone’s shirt or pants. Until two days later, when I spied a whole smattering of cracker crumbs.

What the fuck? Is someone hanging out in there having a snack? In the shitted up, rarely well cleaned bathroom? Really? Now I’m imagining that the whole thing can be chalked up to some closet binger, sitting on the toilet alternating bags of Cheetos and exlax and blowing the whole place out.



One Response to “More Rant”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    This post made me LOL!

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