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Lions, and Giraffes, and Monkeys! Oh My! April 28, 2008

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Very slow weekend. The mural painter practically moved into the house so we were kind of stuck there; only one of us could skip out at a time and somehow I ended up pulling couch duty for most of it.

The mural painter is soooo sloooow. But it is coming along well and will look great when it’s done (sometime in 2009, I’m guessing). The way he works is he drew out all the animals on paper to scale and taped them up where they will go on the wall for my approval before putting carbon-paper type-stuff below it and tracing the outlines onto the wall. He got there a little late on Saturday and did not have all his patterns drawn out yet; at 1:30 or so, he still had one more animal to draw. I only requested one change to the patterns, which he made Saturday night, so it’s not like I was slowing him down (the monkey was disproportionately large, it would have looked like he was about to swoop into the crib and make off with the baby…).

So very little actual painting got done on Saturday. And then the “between 9 and 10” start time Sunday ended up being more like 10:15 again. By the time they knocked off at 5:30ish, only one animal was completely all the way finished. He brought along his 12 year old son, who is also an artist, so he could start learning the process and also help with the fill in painting. I’m guessing stopping to explain things might have slowed him down some as well (he reduced the price, bringing it within my budget, since I agreed to that ahead of time). The tree and one of the birds is pretty unfinished still, and then the other animals need detail work to be done. He is coming back Wednesday, and hopefully will finish it all then (luckily, we are paying him by the job, not the hour).

Other than that, I was grateful that the weather has cooled off a tiny little bit. It is way too soon to be turning on the AC, but my swollen self can not take the high 70’s we got last week. Our bedroom gets the late afternoon sunlight full-on into the only two windows, baking the room just in time for bed, without any other windows to provide the relief of a cross breeze. Last week, it was 81 degrees in there at 10:30 at night. I slept on the basement couch. I’m hoping it stays in the high 60s for at least a few more weeks.

Oh, and also all those hand me down capris I was going to be able to be sporting with the weather warm up? Um, a wee tight in the rear end. Not pretty. Have got to stop gaining weight in the ass-area. And yet, Saturday I felt compelled to make cookies. When Miguel asked me what the occasion was, I informed him that we were out of ice cream. That is all the excuse I need, apparently. I was good at the grocery store on Sunday though, I did not buy any ice cream and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies instead (don’t clap yet, the 2 dozen choc chip cookies at home were a good motivator :).


2 Responses to “Lions, and Giraffes, and Monkeys! Oh My!”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    Post pics of the mural when it’s done. I am sure it’s so cute!

  2. booksunread Says:

    I will. Hopefully, it will be done Sunday!

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