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My Right Foot May 30, 2008

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Okay, so the swelling is starting to become problematic. It is a good thing it is sandal/flip flop weather now because there is no way I’d be fitting into real shoes at this point. Even my flip flops and wide-width sandals are leaving indents in the puffy skin. I fear we may be getting down to shower shoes as my only option here soon. I don’t even remember what my feet are supposed to look like anymore.

It starts off okay in the morning, but after a couple of hours of sitting at my desk, even with my feet propped up on a box, I can just feel them expanding. I can barely curl my toes under. It’s worse on the right side for some reason. By the end of the day, I’m a raving cranky bitch because I get home and have a ton of stuff I should be doing but can barely stand to be on my feet. I can’t sit at the computer any longer without risking my hands and feet going numb. I can’t stand long enough to cook anything decent, and I feel guilty for stiffing the dog on her walks. Oh, and I’m still trying to finish crocheting a blanky for the wee baby. Luckily, my hands are no where near as bad as my feet and I can get a couple rows in each night as I put my feet up.

The advice I got last time this came up at the OB’s office was to watch my sodium and drink lots of water. My blood pressure and other indicators continue to be great, so it’s not too much of a concern. It didn’t come up at my last visit since I’d been off work sick most of that week and it wasn’t bothering me as much.

Today, I’m going to drink water like it’s my job and hope that helps. Of course, the downside to this strategy is that it greatly increases the number of waddles I have to make to the bathroom, what with wee baby perched firmly atop my bladder. Yes, I am waddling now, between the tight puffy feet and the physical pain of my full bladder being squeezed, I gingerly wobble around. (I must have looked adorable yesterday, tottering down the sidewalk with the dog, trying to hold my belly up off the bladder I had just. emptied. but which now felt full to capacity again.)

I can’t believe I have 7 more weeks of this. In the big scheme of things, I suppose it’s not too bad. I’m certainly not at the point where I’m moaning 24-7 “this sucks, I want it to be over” because as anxious as I am to meet wee baby, I still have a lot of work to wrap up and want him fully cooked when he shows up! I think I’m just worried how much worse it’s going to get as we go along here. I don’t want to get taken off work/put on bedrest before the baby gets here; I was planning on working pretty much up until I deliver. I guess if that does happen, we will just have to bite the bullet on buying a laptop and wireless router so that I can keep up as much as possible from the couch.

Sigh. Anyway, cross your fingers for me (since mine are too puffy to cross myself) and think slimming thoughts. Meanwhile, god help me, I have to draft an article on laser induced breakdown spectroscopy today.


Pix-Pooloza! May 29, 2008

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Here are pix of the nursery, finished with furniture and bedding!

mural wall

And also, the belly at 8 months:

8 month belly

Compared to 7 months:

7 month belly

Good Gravy! Wee baby is going to need a new name because he is not so wee anymore!


What’s In a Name? May 28, 2008

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So we’ve tentatively agreed on a first name for the baby and are working on a middle name. In some ways, NOT having any religious, family or cultural naming traditions to guide us has made it hard as its left the field wide open. I read through four baby name books to get ideas and compiled a list of nearly 50 names that I was willing to consider.

Right off the bat, Miguel shot down my two favorites-Grayson and Jackson. I thought the nickname “Gray” would appeal to his desire for a kinda stubble chinned rebel stud-type name that you would find in a Harlequin novel, as evidenced by his love for “Duke” and “Dallas,” but no dice. Luckily he also quickly spotted the ringers I’d slipped in there for fun-Balzac (say it out loud, I am 12), Geronimo and the name of one of my ex’s that to this day Miguel is still upset to be sloppy seconds to (even tho I only ever made out with that guy).

Now that we’re kinda, sorta, maybe agreed, I find myself second guessing. I mean, this is a big decision. Whatever we choose, wee baby is going to be saddled with it the rest of his life…this could make or break him on the playground.

I think I was scarred by a SNL skit I saw years ago. A pregnant woman and her husband were going through a list of names, and at every suggestion she made, he would find a way to make it into something the kids could turn against him. Then the doorbell rings and the FedEx guy says “I’ve got a delivery for Mr. Asswipe Johnson.” Snatching it out of his hands, the husband replies “That’s As-wee-pay.” I always thought the skit was hilarious, but now, not so much.

Having grown up with a last name that rhymes with “toilet,” I want to shield wee baby from any potential name related taunting. Although, as Miguel pointed out, kids are cruel, and if they’re really determined, they will find a way to make fun of any name, or find another way to pick on him, if they really want to. (They better not; I don’t want to have to go down to his school and stomp a first grader!)

Plus, what if wee baby gets here and he just doesn’t look like the name we’ve picked? I’m thinking maybe we need a backup just in case. I’m also a little uncomfortable settling so early as it gives the world’s worst secret keeper (Miguel) too much time to spill the beans. I’ve already threatened him, if I find out he told even ONE person, all bets are off, the name is off the table and he loses any say in picking the name. This is non-negotiable. I don’t know why I feel so strongly, but since the sex isn’t a secret, I want this to be a surprise. I also don’t want our choice tainted by anyone’s 2 cents about what we’ve picked. People will be much less likely to voice negative opinions once it’s a done deal.

Now we just have to decide on a middle name that fits and doesn’t spell anything dirty in his initials.


Sick, Not Dead May 23, 2008

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Bleh. It’s been an unproductive week or so. Went home last weekend for a baby shower and arrived AGAIN sick for my visit. So lots of sleeping and kleenex usage. Got home Monday, dragged myself into work for most of the day on Tuesday and stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I got put on a Z-pack for a sinus infection.

I’m starting to feel a little better during waking hours, but sleeping is still the pits. I get all stuffed up and dried out and wake myself up gagging and gasping for air-despite the humidifier running full blast and the bedside vaporizer. On top of that, I’m chugging massive amounts of water trying to clear things out, so every time I wake myself up, of course I have to actually get up and pee.

Am definitely looking forward to the long holiday weekend!


Oh, My Aching Ass May 14, 2008

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So we have apparently circled back to the part where my hips and pelvis are spreading again because my tail bone is killing me. Like have to count to three and brace myself before heaving myself up out of my chair killing me. (The whimpering I’m doing as I get up makes me highly doubt that ‘let’s see if I can make it to 7cm without an epidural’ plan I outlined in my last post.)

I’m currently sitting on my warm aromatherapy neck wrap. At least my ass will smell like soothing lavender. Other than that, I don’t have too many reports from the pregnancy front lines these days. The only other discomfort is the swelling in my feet and hands. I had to invest in a couple more pairs of wide-width sandals as the regular ones I thought I could still get away with were no longer even fitting in the mornings. At the end of the day, I can barely snap my puffy fingers. But my blood pressure remains good and the carpal tunnel is no worse than usual so it’s not slowing me down too much.

I passed my glucose test on the first try with flying colors. Everyone I know has always failed the first one and passed the second longer one. I think I’ve been mainlining so much sugar so far that my body processed that syrupy glucose drink without skipping a beat. At my last visit, I had gained exactly 30 pounds since my initial visit. So, a little ahead of the curve, but not outrageous. The fact that I was a bit overweight to start with still makes that +30 number very scary.

Despite the hand swelling, I’m making progress on crocheting wee baby’s blanket; I’m about 1/3 to halfway done, depending on how big it is once I finish this skein of yarn. I may have to do part of another skein to make it long enough. I need to keep cracking on it, though; it’s taken me over a month to get this far! I’m going to be flying home this weekend for WB’s shower (yay!) so I hope to get a lot done on the plane. I also plan to crack open the baby and parenting books once my hand gets tired.

Oh, and funny story…at childbirth class last weekend, they taught us a breathing technique to help forestall pushing if you feel the urge and the doctor/nurse tells you it’s not time yet-especially if you’re not fully dilated. Basically you puff your cheeks out and blow since it’s physically impossible to be working on doing that while you’re also bearing down. The other day, Miguel turned to me in all seriousness and said, “We need to practice that breathing, I don’t want you to tear your cervix.” BWAH! He used “cervix” in a sentence! And correctly. He was paying attention!

On the woe front…that furniture that was supposed to arrive on Friday at the store? I called yesterday to confirm and no furniture yet. It is on truck that left the UP in Michigan on the second, so there is no telling exactly when it will get here. They’re at the mercy of the truck driver. If it’s at the back of the truck and he’s planning on hitting Ohio on his way back up, then it may be a while. The lady offered to call the manufacturer to see if they could get any more shipping detail/find out where the truck was now but I told her to hold off for now. If it’s not here by this Friday, then yes, I want to track it down. But being it difficult is not going to get it here any faster at this point. And it will make it less likely that they will speed it through finishing when it does get here. If I’m nice about it, maybe they will bump our job to the front of the queue, cutting the 2 week standard quoted finishing time to the four days it really takes. Fingers crossed.


Mother’s Day May 12, 2008

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We had an action packed weekend with 7 hours of childbirth class on Saturday and of course Mother’s Day yesterday. I think I timed that brilliantly as Miguel was especially solicitous for Mother’s Day, now that he knows what all is involved in squeezing his kid out into the world.

As predicted, the class was very eye opening for Miguel. Considering his severe adult ADD, he did pretty well being cooped up in windowless room for the entirety of a gorgeous Saturday. Not only was the room windowless, but there was a complete lack of any pictures on the walls. Nowhere to look but that big uterus picture up there. See the mucus plug? That they spent so much time discussing things like mucus plugs and amniotic fluid composition (how to distinguish it from just peeing yourself!) was definitely physically painful to him.

Of course, they dived right in with that at the beginning and he was ready to bolt within the first hour. But, he knew leaving was not an option, so he took a couple of extra breaks managed to get through it all. I told him he didn’t have to look at the groady parts of the video. I didn’t even watch the part where they delivered the placenta, because, EWW. I don’t want to see my own, let alone someone else’s. (Actually I don’t even want a mirror to watch wee baby being born. I have a good enough idea what’s going on down there, I don’t need the visual.)

While none of the information presented in class was anything I hadn’t already read/heard elsewhere, it did help reinforce the info, and it helped me to clarify a bit more how I want my delivery to go. I’ve always been in the “Yes, please, epidural as soon as I arrive, thanks,” camp, but realizing that means a urinary catheter and being confined to bed for however long I’m in labor after that has made me change my mind. Being up and moving is supposed to make labor go faster, so I’m going to try to stick it out without the epidural as long as possible. Although, I’m not pushing without one, so if the doc says “No epidural after 7 cm,” I will be getting one at 7 cm, regardless of how well I’m dealing with the pain at that point. (So optimistic that I can make it that far! In reality, I’ll probably be crying for it at 2 cm.) Definitely, I will play it by ear based on how I feel, but I feel like I have a better understanding of all my options now.

On Sunday, Miguel offered to take me someplace nice but wee baby wanted a banana caramel stuffed pancake from IHOP. And it was yummy! To beat the rush, we went out at 7:30, and then went back home to bed. Of course, after missing the gorgeous sun on Saturday, Sunday was rainy and gloomy. A good day for loafing.

We did manage to get out again later to pick up my glider and ottoman at Babies R Us. Which was awesome timing as I discovered when we got there that gliders were currently on sale. They credited me the difference and I saved 80 bucks on it. Boo-yah! Happy Mother’s Day to me!


Oh, Really? May 8, 2008

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So I went to a class on breastfeeding last night. I have to say I did not learn a whole lot that I haven’t already read in various books and pamphlets. I was hoping for some good local info/resources, as well as specific reccomendations on best schedules to transition to the bottle. I think I would have been better off with a one on one appointment with a lactation consultant.

Anyway, one thing that made me laugh; the instructor went around the room asking if everyone had taken childbirthing class and if you said “no” she confirmed that you were signed up to take one. One woman said “no,” and “no, I’m not signed up to take one.” The instructor tried to get to the bottom of this asking if maybe this was a second or third baby. “No,” the woman replied, “I’ve been a nanny for a number of years.” Really? Did you deliver all those kids? Because otherwise, what the hell does that have to do with not taking a childbirth class? I’m kind of sorry my turn had already come and gone, because I totally would have lied and said I wasn’t taking one because I’ve already watched a lot of Baby Story on TLC. What the hell?