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Status Report May 1, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy — booksunread @ 7:31 pm

Mural: STILL not done, says he has 2-3 more hours still to go. Hopefully, he will finish up Sunday. I feel kind of bad it is going to take him 4 days/trips when he thought it was only going to be two; like I should pay him more or something. At the rate he is going, he’s getting paid about 13 bucks an hour. But I did give him very detailed pictures and specifications before he provided the quote, so I guess he should sharpen his quoting skills. Still, I might throw in an extra 20 bucks.

Bella Band: Doing awesome double duty today as tube top, camouflaging excessive cleavage. Should have tried this sooner, but was afraid it would roll up over my belly and be all uncomfortable. It did roll up, but excess is snuggled comfortably under the shelf of my boobs. I can’t feel it and most importantly, the line doesn’t show through my shirt.

Wee Baby: Still hanging out just fine. The newest development is that I can actually see my belly ripple now when he moves. And, after reading this post, I broke down and decided to get a Doppler. I considered it early on, when I was still so worried about miscarrying again, but decided it would only fuel my manic paranoia if I had trouble finding the heartbeat with it. Now that WB is moving so consistently and reassuringly, I thought that the Doppler would be fun for both me and Miguel to enjoy on a more consistent basis, without fear of freak out. While he moves a fair bit, WB is not good at moving on command and never fails to finally boogie around two seconds AFTER Miguel has removed is hand or I’ve stopped staring at my belly. The local Once Upon a Child has a used one for 8 bucks; too good of a deal to pass up.


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