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Oh, and another thing May 7, 2008

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I do not enjoy so much with the “prenatal” yoga class…group kegels!  Yes, sitting in a darkened room full of strangers flexing our pussies together.  That is just wierd. 

In addition, the instructor uses an “elevator” visualization technique where as she calls out the floors going up and down and we’re supposed to progressively tighten/loosen our kegel muscles accordingly.  I don’t know about you, but my kegel muscles only have two positions, on and off. Tight and not tight.  I am a two story house, no basement; there are no “floors” in between.  Maybe I’m not doing it right, or it’s just that I’m not an asian whore able to shoot ping pong balls out my crotch. I just do not have that kind of muscle control. 

I’m also kind of skeptical that exercising your kegel muscles really does anything for you in the long run.  I don’t do them regularly. Usually I’ll get to that part in one of the books and be like “oh yeah, I’m supposed to be practicing this.”  Then I’ll squeeze and release a couple times and promptly forget all about it.

So, my one month pass has expired and I have to decide if I want to go back again tonight and spend another 45 bucks to renew for another month.  I can’t find any alternatives up near here so I’m kind of bummed about it. My doctor’s office has no suggestions; none of the Y’s, community centers or gyms I’ve called around here have any prenatal classes; cinci yoga never called me back, google has yielded nothing in my area.  I asked the instructor at my regular Monday night yoga class if she knew of any place that did prenatal and she promised to check with someone she knows has taught it.  But she forgot and didn’t have an answer for me last night.  Meh. I don’t know.  The current class is not totally unpleasant, I’m still taking an hour to sort of chill out and work my muscles, even if it’s not the traditional yoga stretch I was expecting…


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