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Mother’s Day May 12, 2008

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We had an action packed weekend with 7 hours of childbirth class on Saturday and of course Mother’s Day yesterday. I think I timed that brilliantly as Miguel was especially solicitous for Mother’s Day, now that he knows what all is involved in squeezing his kid out into the world.

As predicted, the class was very eye opening for Miguel. Considering his severe adult ADD, he did pretty well being cooped up in windowless room for the entirety of a gorgeous Saturday. Not only was the room windowless, but there was a complete lack of any pictures on the walls. Nowhere to look but that big uterus picture up there. See the mucus plug? That they spent so much time discussing things like mucus plugs and amniotic fluid composition (how to distinguish it from just peeing yourself!) was definitely physically painful to him.

Of course, they dived right in with that at the beginning and he was ready to bolt within the first hour. But, he knew leaving was not an option, so he took a couple of extra breaks managed to get through it all. I told him he didn’t have to look at the groady parts of the video. I didn’t even watch the part where they delivered the placenta, because, EWW. I don’t want to see my own, let alone someone else’s. (Actually I don’t even want a mirror to watch wee baby being born. I have a good enough idea what’s going on down there, I don’t need the visual.)

While none of the information presented in class was anything I hadn’t already read/heard elsewhere, it did help reinforce the info, and it helped me to clarify a bit more how I want my delivery to go. I’ve always been in the “Yes, please, epidural as soon as I arrive, thanks,” camp, but realizing that means a urinary catheter and being confined to bed for however long I’m in labor after that has made me change my mind. Being up and moving is supposed to make labor go faster, so I’m going to try to stick it out without the epidural as long as possible. Although, I’m not pushing without one, so if the doc says “No epidural after 7 cm,” I will be getting one at 7 cm, regardless of how well I’m dealing with the pain at that point. (So optimistic that I can make it that far! In reality, I’ll probably be crying for it at 2 cm.) Definitely, I will play it by ear based on how I feel, but I feel like I have a better understanding of all my options now.

On Sunday, Miguel offered to take me someplace nice but wee baby wanted a banana caramel stuffed pancake from IHOP. And it was yummy! To beat the rush, we went out at 7:30, and then went back home to bed. Of course, after missing the gorgeous sun on Saturday, Sunday was rainy and gloomy. A good day for loafing.

We did manage to get out again later to pick up my glider and ottoman at Babies R Us. Which was awesome timing as I discovered when we got there that gliders were currently on sale. They credited me the difference and I saved 80 bucks on it. Boo-yah! Happy Mother’s Day to me!


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