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Oh, My Aching Ass May 14, 2008

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So we have apparently circled back to the part where my hips and pelvis are spreading again because my tail bone is killing me. Like have to count to three and brace myself before heaving myself up out of my chair killing me. (The whimpering I’m doing as I get up makes me highly doubt that ‘let’s see if I can make it to 7cm without an epidural’ plan I outlined in my last post.)

I’m currently sitting on my warm aromatherapy neck wrap. At least my ass will smell like soothing lavender. Other than that, I don’t have too many reports from the pregnancy front lines these days. The only other discomfort is the swelling in my feet and hands. I had to invest in a couple more pairs of wide-width sandals as the regular ones I thought I could still get away with were no longer even fitting in the mornings. At the end of the day, I can barely snap my puffy fingers. But my blood pressure remains good and the carpal tunnel is no worse than usual so it’s not slowing me down too much.

I passed my glucose test on the first try with flying colors. Everyone I know has always failed the first one and passed the second longer one. I think I’ve been mainlining so much sugar so far that my body processed that syrupy glucose drink without skipping a beat. At my last visit, I had gained exactly 30 pounds since my initial visit. So, a little ahead of the curve, but not outrageous. The fact that I was a bit overweight to start with still makes that +30 number very scary.

Despite the hand swelling, I’m making progress on crocheting wee baby’s blanket; I’m about 1/3 to halfway done, depending on how big it is once I finish this skein of yarn. I may have to do part of another skein to make it long enough. I need to keep cracking on it, though; it’s taken me over a month to get this far! I’m going to be flying home this weekend for WB’s shower (yay!) so I hope to get a lot done on the plane. I also plan to crack open the baby and parenting books once my hand gets tired.

Oh, and funny story…at childbirth class last weekend, they taught us a breathing technique to help forestall pushing if you feel the urge and the doctor/nurse tells you it’s not time yet-especially if you’re not fully dilated. Basically you puff your cheeks out and blow since it’s physically impossible to be working on doing that while you’re also bearing down. The other day, Miguel turned to me in all seriousness and said, “We need to practice that breathing, I don’t want you to tear your cervix.” BWAH! He used “cervix” in a sentence! And correctly. He was paying attention!

On the woe front…that furniture that was supposed to arrive on Friday at the store? I called yesterday to confirm and no furniture yet. It is on truck that left the UP in Michigan on the second, so there is no telling exactly when it will get here. They’re at the mercy of the truck driver. If it’s at the back of the truck and he’s planning on hitting Ohio on his way back up, then it may be a while. The lady offered to call the manufacturer to see if they could get any more shipping detail/find out where the truck was now but I told her to hold off for now. If it’s not here by this Friday, then yes, I want to track it down. But being it difficult is not going to get it here any faster at this point. And it will make it less likely that they will speed it through finishing when it does get here. If I’m nice about it, maybe they will bump our job to the front of the queue, cutting the 2 week standard quoted finishing time to the four days it really takes. Fingers crossed.


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