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Sick, Not Dead May 23, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy — booksunread @ 12:22 pm

Bleh. It’s been an unproductive week or so. Went home last weekend for a baby shower and arrived AGAIN sick for my visit. So lots of sleeping and kleenex usage. Got home Monday, dragged myself into work for most of the day on Tuesday and stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I got put on a Z-pack for a sinus infection.

I’m starting to feel a little better during waking hours, but sleeping is still the pits. I get all stuffed up and dried out and wake myself up gagging and gasping for air-despite the humidifier running full blast and the bedside vaporizer. On top of that, I’m chugging massive amounts of water trying to clear things out, so every time I wake myself up, of course I have to actually get up and pee.

Am definitely looking forward to the long holiday weekend!


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