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Late Pregnancy Woes June 27, 2008

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So in these last few weeks, the home stretch, I’ve begun developing every single pregnancy symptom I thought I’d dodged; plus some I’d never heard of.

There is of course, the very common swelling of the hands and feet. Which has turned into unrelenting finger numbness. I’m worried about permanent nerve damage and being able to ever feel them again. I’m starting to have trouble heaving myself back up into the bed after nighttime pee forays because my hands hurt too bad to put any weight on.

And now I’ve noticed some of the skin weirdness promised by the books: skin tags and pregnancy mask. I have all these teeny bumps of extra skin around my neck and collar bone. I hope they go away after the pregnancy; I am moley enough. Across the top of my cheeks now I have what looks like sun spots. I keep thinking my face is dirty. Again, I hope this fades.

Add to that, I have lock jaw. This, I have never heard of as a pregnancy side effect. I’ve always had sort of mild TMJ with the popping and what not coming and going, but now I am physically unable to fully bite down. The left side just won’t go down and it hurts and pops. I have to chew carefully on the other side (not that this is slowing down my food consumption at all).

Oh, and the stretch marks have started on my lower belly. Whatever, it’s not like I’ll ever wear a bikini again, and they will fade away to the point where only I will notice them going forward, but still. I have some of Avon’s new fading cream to try once I’m done breastfeeding.

Like I said last time, I still don’t feel like “God, I’m so ready to be done with pregnancy,” but I am for sure ready to be done with the associated misery. One more side effect and I just might crack. I’m at the point now where I’d be happy to get in one more week of work (thank god it’s a short one) and then be done…


37 Week Belly and Cookies! June 26, 2008

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First, Belly at 37 Weeks:

And second, why it (and my ass) are so big: cookies!

I had to make something for bunco tonight and I pulled this recipe out of the Kraft Food and Family mag a while ago. This is the first time I made them and I have to say I totally love the recipe because it allows you to get your Martha on and do something homemade, yet is totally quick and barely makes a mess. These were 1 bowl; I didn’t dirty a single measuring cup or spoon. (Plus, chocolate and peanut butter-two great tastes that go great together!)


You need:

  • 1 Devil’s Food Cake mix-2 layer size
  • ½ an 8oz block of cream cheese
  • ½ cup smooth PB (I totally just eyeballed this rather than pack it into then scrape it all back out of a measuring cup)
  • 1 egg

That’s it; dump it all in a bowl; mix on low until you can turn the speed up to medium without cake mix flying around and mix until it comes together and your mixer starts clunking.

Roll ‘em into balls, smoosh down with sugared fork tines (like regular PB cookies), then bake for 8 mins or so at 375.


(Sorry, not the most attractive food styling job, but trust me, they are soft, chewy and yummy!)



37 Week Freak Out June 25, 2008

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According to my tracking, I am at 37 weeks today! (I count from Wednesdays, the day of the week my last period started and also the day of the week that Miguel and I made sweet sweet love by candlelight Miguel’s sperm and my egg got put together as I lay sobbing with my feet in the stirrups and Miguel was blissfully at work miles away. My doctor’s office seems to be counting from Fridays, which is the day of the week my due date falls on. But whatever, a couple days doesn’t really make a difference in the big scheme of things and my way, I get to read the weekly entry in Your Pregnancy Week by Week sooner…although at this point in the book they are really sharing what I like to call “shit you should have thought about a while ago” and I’m not getting that much out of it.)

I am starting to experience some mild panic about what is yet to come. The whole labor and delivery…what will it be like? Will it be fast or slow? Will it be excruciatingly painful or just mildly uncomfortable? Will I have to have a c-section? How bad am I going to feel after? If it’s bad, how am I supposed to care for a wee baby?

And speaking of that wee baby; um holy crap, they are going to send him home with us after a mere 48 or 72 hours and expect us to take care of him. I haven’t even changed a diaper in over 10 years, let alone been solely responsible for a fragile little life. Miguel has even less experience with wee babies. If you can get him to hold one, it’s usually for about 2.2 seconds before passing the baby along. (It’s not that he hates babies, he’s just afraid of the real little ones, he’s fine with the sturdier, more interactive 4 months+ versions.) What if he cries all the time? What if we can’t get breastfeeding going? What if I break him?

I know I’m not any different from most other 1st time parents, and that I’ve read as much as I can and I’m as prepared as I can be, and that when he gets here, we’ll just have to jump in and figure it out and it will all be okay. But I have such a low tolerance for ambiguity. I want to know NOW how it is all going to shake out. The not knowing is killing me.

In that way, I definitely want to “get this over with,” so I can have the worst of my fears confirmed or relieved. And also to get to all the good stuff: seeing who he looks like, holding and cuddling him in my arms, seeing Miguel learn and grow with him, sharing him with our families, teaching him about the world around him as he learns to walk and talk, etc.

In other ways, it gets on my nerves when people say to me “I bet you can’t wait to get this over with,” or “I’m sure you’re so ready to be done,” because that implies that this pregnancy is a misery, a hardship, and a burden. I can’t believe the number of strangers at stores and in the office hallways who have expressed “sympathy” for my plight (in the clumsy form of something along the lines of “sucks to be you to be this pregnant in the summer”). And yes, I know I’ve complained a fair bit about some of the side effects, but that’s just what I do, I bitch for effect, to entertain, because I’ve got a negative personality, whatever. Really, deep down, I’m still so amazed that wee baby has grown from a tiny cluster of cells to a fully formed person. Inside my body. I’m so blessed and lucky that I was able to experience this, especially when I read back to the beginning of this blog when I wasn’t sure we’d ever get here. I love every ripple, kick and scritch, even the ones that kinda hurt. I’m going to miss that when this is over and want to savor it while I can.


Belly 36 Weeks! June 23, 2008

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I’m a little late posting this, it’s actually from last Thursday (36w1d), so it’s probably grown a lot already.

Busy weekend of running around doing this that and the other thing, in between crashing out and taking a nap. Worked on the blanket only a little because of my fingers/hands. I probably need 5 more rows or so before I can start on the border; I’m worried about getting it done. It’s very important to me that I have it to bring WB home in. I hope I can get it finished.

Mondays are no fun; I better dig in here so I can get out on time. My fingertips on my left hand are already plenty numb and it’s not even 8.


I Got Nothing June 20, 2008

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Much to say this week. I’m tired and I haven’t been feeling great. Tuesday I felt really crappy after work, reflux bordering on nausea, headache, etc. so I laid down for a while after work and still didn’t feel very good when Miguel came home and I got up. Plus I could still see the imprint of my shoes in my swollen feet more than hour after taking them off.

When I told him I wasn’t feeling that good he immediately went into panic mode…he asked me if I felt like I was dilating (eye roll) and if we needed to go to the emergent care clinic. He is going to loose his mind when I do go into labor; especially since we’ll probably just be sitting around waiting and timing my contractions at home before we go to the hospital. I’m praying it’ll start on a weekday while he’s at work and I can just wait to call him when I’m getting close!

The thing I was most concerned about was if my blood pressure was up-sudden excessive swelling, headaches, floaters in your vision, etc. are all symptoms-so I had him take me to the drug store to use the blood pressure machine.

After holding steady at 120/70 at pretty much every doc’s visit, the machine gave me a reading that was 142/84. Pregnancy for Dummies says that being consistently more than 140/90 was the warning flag for Pre-eclampsia. So it was higher than normal, but not alarmingly so.

I called my OB’s office to tell them Wednesday morning and they had me come in for my weekly visit a day early just to check. At the visit, I was back down to my usual 120/70, like clockwork. So I don’t know what the deal was; either it was just temporarily up because it was the end of the day or the machine at the store was off. Either is possible and neither is cause for worry about pre-eclampsia so, phew.

Other than that, I was spilling sugar in my urine and if that happens again, I’ll have to redo the glucose test. (Which by that time, if I’m diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it’s a little late to do anything about it). I think we’re just going to chalk it up to a one time thing due to the two cups of sweet tea and sugar glazed lemon bread I had that morning. They did my Strep B culture, and since I already had my pants off, the NMW asked if I wanted her to check my cervix. Apparently I’m dilated just about 1 cm and starting to thin. Which probably means nothing; some women go around for weeks dilated to 4 with nothing happening and others are locked up tight for weeks until boom, they go into labor, 0-10 in no time flat.

The thing that was most concerning to me was she gave WB a good feeling up and is guestimating him at about 6 lbs now. With 4 weeks left to go. Which means that we could be looking at an 8 lb baby or more! On the bright side, I’m not physically measuring any bigger than I should so it is not definite at all, just a guess, which could well be inaccurate (fingers crossed!).

Oh, and I have a 36 week belly pix; will have to post this weekend.


Weekend Wrapup June 16, 2008

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This weekend we obtained the last critical piece of baby having equipment-the Diaper Champ. We are now fully ready to bring wee baby home. (Although, not fully ready to actually go have wee baby as my hospital bag is yet unpacked…I’ve started gathering bits and pieces but need to put it all together).

Oh, and I still need to get Miguel to steam clean the infant seat; it’s a hand me down from his sister and after two kids needs a little TLC. Both Miguel and sis insist it just needs a damp sponge treatment, but, ah, no. Her cat used to nap in it, and I want it more than surface cleaned; I want it sanitized all the way through.

And I still have to finish WB’s blanket. I have a few more rows to do of the main color, then a couple times around for the border and we’re done. I didn’t get much work done on it this weekend with the numb hands. Despite the continuing problems in that arena, I do have to give a huge thumbs up to the night-time wrist sleep support. These splints are making a huge difference in the numbness department. My hands are still uncomfortable and sore in the morning, but I’m not waking up to shake life back into my dead digits. The splints are keeping my hands from going numb at all, so now it’s just the garden variety tossing and turning and having to pee that are keeping me (the splints are kind of a pain when you have to pee, but still totally worth it).

Other than that, I took Dog to DogFest yesterday, an effort for which she was singularly ungrateful. I think it was all a little hot and overwhelming for her. There were a lot of big dogs there, like Newfoundlands and Great Danes and just lots of strange dog scents in general. We’d get to a patch of shade and she’d balk and refuse to walk, so I didn’t really get around to check out the vendor booths; consequently, the only freebie I scored was the poop sack on the way in. The ungrateful brat wouldn’t even eat the cup of snow cone ice I got her. Anyway, I’m hoping they hold it earlier next year when it’s not so darn hot.

I think that covers the weekend highlights!

Oh; and tomorrow, I have the meet and greet/inspection with the daycare lady. Fingers crossed it seems like a good fit.


Jinxed! June 11, 2008

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On Tuesday, I read something about how usually the end of your pregnancy heralds the return of the dreaded reflux as the baby is pushing everything around and back up your throat. And I thought, well, I’m surprised I dodged that bullet as I am prone to reflux for absolutely no good reason when NOT pregnant. And also, constipation is supposed to return too, which I haven’t had more than a mild problem in the first trimester.

Of course, I spoke too soon. By the time I went to bed Tuesday night, the ice cream I’d devoured as a snack was crawling back up my throat. Yesterday, despite eating very carefully, I had an unrelenting bubble hovering at the top of my esophagus all day and was burping up acid by dinnertime. Given the reflux situation, I fully expect my bowels to also seize up full-stop any second now.

And while we’ve descended to the level of speaking of poop (feel free to skip on down to the pix if you don’t think you’re up for this convo), I am about to reveal something that NO ONE has warned me about. Not any book, even the crude Jenny McCarthy or the hilariously out of date Girlfriends guide (a stirrup pant catsuit makes a great maternity wardrobe staple!), nor even the most candid of blogger. Forget pooping on the table as the ultimate pregnancy indignity; at least that is over and done with quickly, you don’t have to look at it, and most times, you don’t even know you did it. What I am talking about is the increasing difficulty I am having in wiping my own ass. I don’t know if I have teeny tiny tyrannosaurus-rex arms or what, but the daily constitutional is requiring an increasingly difficult series of contortions now. I swear, I spend approximately 3 times as long in the bathroom now, trying to ensure an adequate job. The concept of a bidet is starting to look more and more appealing…(And lest you think I’m weirdly abnormal, a friend who’s had two kids confirmed that this is a very real late pregnancy issue.)

And we’re done with the poop talk. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

And now, picture time! Now that it is growing daily, I think the belly warrants weekly photo documentation going forward. So here it is at 35 weeks!


Sorry, no more matching shirt, a. it’s 90° out and that’s a long sleeved shirt and b. I’m not hauling my fat ass upstairs just for a wardrobe change these days. (I have on occasion actually considered sitting around on the couch in my underwear when I’ve really wanted to get off my binding pants, but not so much I wanted to go upstairs and get some loose shorts.)