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Well, Fine Then June 6, 2008

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I have just returned from the OB, where I was assured that it is NOT possible that I may lose a toe due to the gallon of water sloshing around in each of my feet. As my blood pressure is great and my face is not swollen (as evidenced by the bags under my eyes caused by, you guessed it, waking up repeatedly because my swollen hands have gone numb…apparently if the swelling was of the alarm-sounding variety I’d have puffed up beady little eyes, so there Salsera, “your face looks puffy to me” beyotch), it is nothing to be concerned about. It’s just part of being pregnant when it’s 90 degrees out. Have a fun next 6 weeks!

About the only advice she was able to offer was to spend as much time as possible submerged in the pool up to my neck, allowing the pressure to equalize the water leaking (!) out of my capillaries. That would be super nice, providing, I didn’t have, you know, a job and all. Maybe I will start going swimming on my lunch hour to give myself a break in the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, as we were talking, with my hands resting quietly in my lap, my left hand started to go numb. Just sitting there, doing nothing. There go my watch and my already supersized rings. I am an unwed mother with no idea what time it is.

Other than that, wee baby is sounding good and hanging out just fine so no worries there. Next visit is in two weeks, then I start going weekly after that.

Photographic Evidence! (look at the second to last toe on my right foot! It looks like a cocktail weiner!)


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