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Because I am Dumb June 10, 2008

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I went up to bed early last night, with good intentions to be in bed with the lights out quickly. Now that it is light out past 9:00, this is getting harder and harder to do; it feels silly to let the dog out for the last time and lock down the house for the night when it’s not even fully dark.

But still, last night I forced myself upstairs shortly after nine and read another chapter of Babywise sitting in the glider in the nursery. After lollygagging around in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I decided to turn on the tv for just a few minutes. And got totally sucked into Legally the Blonde, the Search for the Next Elle Woods on MTV. I figured oh well, I’ll turn off the tv at 10:30, but noooo, it’s a full hour show. Which I watched all of.

Even though my opinion of Legally Blonde, the Musical is that it’s cheesy in the extreme, and not in the good way that the movie was (c’mon nobody can really do Elle Woods but Reese!), I am now committed to seeing who wins this competition. I was the same way with the Grease! search for the next Sandy and Danny. I didn’t mean to watch it, but I couldn’t help myself.

This one is even a little more interesting since the producers are messing with them, like having their partners deliberately drop lines during audition readings. Which is excruciatingly delicious to watch. I mean, I’m assuming these girls have acted in at least high school plays and should know how to cover when someone else screws up, but the vast majority of them just let the silence stretch and stretch until the partner finally delivered the line.

I’ll have to set the DVR to catch the rest of the series.

Now I am tired and I have the Delta Nu Nu Nu song in my head this morning.


2 Responses to “Because I am Dumb”

  1. TwinMommy Says:

    Here’s my advice, that you didn’t ask for of course:
    1. Buy a pair of men’s flip flops while you can still get out on your own- after the twins were born I had to wear my dad’s flip flops b/c women’s flip flops wouldn’t even fit- men’s have more depth from sole to top strap…the 2 weeks pp I was so swollen I thought my skin was going to rip open. Yes the swelling can and will get far worse. My feet and legs were so scary my husband insisted we call the doctor!
    2. At night, and any chance you get, lie flat and prop your legs/feet above your heart. This is hard to get used to and rather uncomfortable but it will relieve the swelling.
    3. Research “Babywise.” There are warnings all over the place, including American Academy of Pediatrics being against it.
    4. You will get less sleep when the baby arrives BUT it won’t last forever…the baby will need to eat in order to thrive…at 3 months my preemie twins are finally sleeping for 6-7 hours straight…then a feeding and then 4-5 more hours!
    5. It takes far longer for your milk to come in that you’ve ever imagined and you start out with next to nothing- seriously you just get drops. Don’t give up! I had to pump b/c babies in NICU- but at the beginning I’d pump for 30mins and get 5 drops…then 2 ccs…now I get 12-14 ounces per pumping.
    6. Learn patience. If you thought you had patience before, you are wrong. I obviously had no idea what it was. And I don’t mean just with the baby…with your husband, with your dogs, with well wishers, etc. The baby will drive you nuts- will cry and you can’t fix it. Your husband will do things to help- but not the way you would do them. Your dogs will crap on the floor and pee on furniture- mine peed in our bed twice and has started crapping inside by the doggy door. Well-wishers will say all the wrong things and give you far too much advice- you will want to scream at them…patience my dear.
    7. Frequent the webmd parenting boards- the newborn board has so many questions that you will have too!

    Whew! Glad I got that out before the baby arrived…in a few weeks you’d be yelling at me for my unsolicited advice 🙂

  2. booksunread Says:

    Hi Twin Mommy!
    I’ve been following you guys on your site, and am so glad to see the boys are doing well! I haven’t been commenting b/c seriously, what advice do I have? 🙂 But have been lurking and thinking of you all.
    I’ve read the 160 reviews of Babywise on Amazon and I think that like anything else, the truth and what’s best lies somewhere in the middle! It was recommended to me by two good friends, but both warned not to even start thinking about trying to implement it until 4-6 weeks. The thing that appeals to me about it are the feed, wake, sleep cycle; I do not want to be putting a baby to bed at 2 or 3 years old with a bottle or sippy cup b/c that’s the only way he’s learned to sleep. And I also like that it represents a middle ground of following your instincts vs. attachment parenting/demand feeding, which is not for our family, and rigid scheduled feedings. I don’t think any one method works for every child and I don’t necessarily think that every detail of a single method needs to be followed to a T. But reading the book definitely gave me a place to start. I know you had mentioned the Happiest Baby video and I plan to check that out as well. My SIL also highly recommended swaddling as being key for one (but not both) of her kids. I’m also lucky to have the NP at my dr.s office that is a lacation consultant so I already have help and support lined up if I need it. Am I scared to death about getting this all right and establishing a good milk supply and making sure I have a happy, healthy baby? Absolutely! Fear of the unknown, definitely! But I have to believe that with common sense and some preparation we will be okay! (She says brightly with confidence-we’ll see how I feel at 3 or 4 weeks!) 🙂
    And hey, I will take all the advice I can get. Just because someone gives it doesn’t mean I have to listen to it if it doesn’t feel right to me. But what if it’s the perfect thing for us and no one spoke up? I’d rather hear it than not!

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