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Weekend Wrapup June 16, 2008

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This weekend we obtained the last critical piece of baby having equipment-the Diaper Champ. We are now fully ready to bring wee baby home. (Although, not fully ready to actually go have wee baby as my hospital bag is yet unpacked…I’ve started gathering bits and pieces but need to put it all together).

Oh, and I still need to get Miguel to steam clean the infant seat; it’s a hand me down from his sister and after two kids needs a little TLC. Both Miguel and sis insist it just needs a damp sponge treatment, but, ah, no. Her cat used to nap in it, and I want it more than surface cleaned; I want it sanitized all the way through.

And I still have to finish WB’s blanket. I have a few more rows to do of the main color, then a couple times around for the border and we’re done. I didn’t get much work done on it this weekend with the numb hands. Despite the continuing problems in that arena, I do have to give a huge thumbs up to the night-time wrist sleep support. These splints are making a huge difference in the numbness department. My hands are still uncomfortable and sore in the morning, but I’m not waking up to shake life back into my dead digits. The splints are keeping my hands from going numb at all, so now it’s just the garden variety tossing and turning and having to pee that are keeping me (the splints are kind of a pain when you have to pee, but still totally worth it).

Other than that, I took Dog to DogFest yesterday, an effort for which she was singularly ungrateful. I think it was all a little hot and overwhelming for her. There were a lot of big dogs there, like Newfoundlands and Great Danes and just lots of strange dog scents in general. We’d get to a patch of shade and she’d balk and refuse to walk, so I didn’t really get around to check out the vendor booths; consequently, the only freebie I scored was the poop sack on the way in. The ungrateful brat wouldn’t even eat the cup of snow cone ice I got her. Anyway, I’m hoping they hold it earlier next year when it’s not so darn hot.

I think that covers the weekend highlights!

Oh; and tomorrow, I have the meet and greet/inspection with the daycare lady. Fingers crossed it seems like a good fit.


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