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I Got Nothing June 20, 2008

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Much to say this week. I’m tired and I haven’t been feeling great. Tuesday I felt really crappy after work, reflux bordering on nausea, headache, etc. so I laid down for a while after work and still didn’t feel very good when Miguel came home and I got up. Plus I could still see the imprint of my shoes in my swollen feet more than hour after taking them off.

When I told him I wasn’t feeling that good he immediately went into panic mode…he asked me if I felt like I was dilating (eye roll) and if we needed to go to the emergent care clinic. He is going to loose his mind when I do go into labor; especially since we’ll probably just be sitting around waiting and timing my contractions at home before we go to the hospital. I’m praying it’ll start on a weekday while he’s at work and I can just wait to call him when I’m getting close!

The thing I was most concerned about was if my blood pressure was up-sudden excessive swelling, headaches, floaters in your vision, etc. are all symptoms-so I had him take me to the drug store to use the blood pressure machine.

After holding steady at 120/70 at pretty much every doc’s visit, the machine gave me a reading that was 142/84. Pregnancy for Dummies says that being consistently more than 140/90 was the warning flag for Pre-eclampsia. So it was higher than normal, but not alarmingly so.

I called my OB’s office to tell them Wednesday morning and they had me come in for my weekly visit a day early just to check. At the visit, I was back down to my usual 120/70, like clockwork. So I don’t know what the deal was; either it was just temporarily up because it was the end of the day or the machine at the store was off. Either is possible and neither is cause for worry about pre-eclampsia so, phew.

Other than that, I was spilling sugar in my urine and if that happens again, I’ll have to redo the glucose test. (Which by that time, if I’m diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it’s a little late to do anything about it). I think we’re just going to chalk it up to a one time thing due to the two cups of sweet tea and sugar glazed lemon bread I had that morning. They did my Strep B culture, and since I already had my pants off, the NMW asked if I wanted her to check my cervix. Apparently I’m dilated just about 1 cm and starting to thin. Which probably means nothing; some women go around for weeks dilated to 4 with nothing happening and others are locked up tight for weeks until boom, they go into labor, 0-10 in no time flat.

The thing that was most concerning to me was she gave WB a good feeling up and is guestimating him at about 6 lbs now. With 4 weeks left to go. Which means that we could be looking at an 8 lb baby or more! On the bright side, I’m not physically measuring any bigger than I should so it is not definite at all, just a guess, which could well be inaccurate (fingers crossed!).

Oh, and I have a 36 week belly pix; will have to post this weekend.


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