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Belly 36 Weeks! June 23, 2008

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I’m a little late posting this, it’s actually from last Thursday (36w1d), so it’s probably grown a lot already.

Busy weekend of running around doing this that and the other thing, in between crashing out and taking a nap. Worked on the blanket only a little because of my fingers/hands. I probably need 5 more rows or so before I can start on the border; I’m worried about getting it done. It’s very important to me that I have it to bring WB home in. I hope I can get it finished.

Mondays are no fun; I better dig in here so I can get out on time. My fingertips on my left hand are already plenty numb and it’s not even 8.


4 Responses to “Belly 36 Weeks!”

  1. TwinMommy Says:

    hmmm…if it’s that important to you i’d ask a good friend or family member to finish it for you. that way you won’t worry AND it will make it even more special because it will be a collaboration. I remember my mother racing to get my veil done- she wanted to make it herself- and she ended up having her sister and my godmother help her finish it…it means so much more to me that the three of them did it together! food for thought.

  2. booksunread Says:

    That is a good idea; unfortunately, I don’t have any good friends or family members that crochet! My grandma was a crocheting demon; she could whip out a twin-bed blanket in 2 days. It’s taken me two months for a 3’x3′ baby blanket!

    She is in a home now with alzheimers. When they cleaned out her house, I got all her crochet stuff, so I actually have a blanket she started that I plan to figure out the pattern on and finish eventually. I think it will be neat to have a finished blanket we both worked on.

    I wish I had gotten into crocheting earlier, when she still had the mind to teach me. She showed us basic stuff when we were little but I could have learned so much about more complicated patterns, etc. from her.

    Now that I think about it; I have the last blanket that she made me, meant to be a couch throw (no longer matches my couches), in a soft baby blue. It would compliment WB’s going home outfit beautifully. Maybe I will bring him home with that instead. (It’s going to be 100 degrees out when he comes out, so I don’t know why I’m obsessing about a blanket to cover him in the car seat, but just in case…)

    Anyway, I still shoot to get mine done. I got another couple of rows done last night; maybe 2 or 3 more to go before it’s square enough and I can finish it off with the border. I just have to power through and get it done. I suspect it won’t be the last time in my parenting career that I’m sacrificing my own comfort to do something for WB! 🙂

  3. Swistle Says:

    Oh, you look so cute!

    If you don’t finish it before you go, you might have some time in the hospital.

  4. booksunread Says:

    Really? See, I’m already worrying about how fast they’re going to kick me out; it seems like I’ll hardly have time to do anything but catch a few Zs and marvel at my complete lack of parental fitness before my 48 or 72 hours are up.

    I guess I can shoot for working on it b/t contractions. If I have the concentration for it…I don’t know how bad it’s going to be.

    (Can you tell my low tolerance for ambiguity is starting to cause me to freak right on out about all of this?)

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