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37 Week Belly and Cookies! June 26, 2008

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First, Belly at 37 Weeks:

And second, why it (and my ass) are so big: cookies!

I had to make something for bunco tonight and I pulled this recipe out of the Kraft Food and Family mag a while ago. This is the first time I made them and I have to say I totally love the recipe because it allows you to get your Martha on and do something homemade, yet is totally quick and barely makes a mess. These were 1 bowl; I didn’t dirty a single measuring cup or spoon. (Plus, chocolate and peanut butter-two great tastes that go great together!)


You need:

  • 1 Devil’s Food Cake mix-2 layer size
  • ½ an 8oz block of cream cheese
  • ½ cup smooth PB (I totally just eyeballed this rather than pack it into then scrape it all back out of a measuring cup)
  • 1 egg

That’s it; dump it all in a bowl; mix on low until you can turn the speed up to medium without cake mix flying around and mix until it comes together and your mixer starts clunking.

Roll ‘em into balls, smoosh down with sugared fork tines (like regular PB cookies), then bake for 8 mins or so at 375.


(Sorry, not the most attractive food styling job, but trust me, they are soft, chewy and yummy!)



2 Responses to “37 Week Belly and Cookies!”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    I have signed up for the Kraft magazine TWO times and they never send it to me! I was just inspired to sign up again based on your tasty cookie description 🙂 Here’s hoping they decide to like me and send me a copy.

  2. booksunread Says:

    Dissed by the Kraft! Maybe your mailman is stealing them! You can get the same recipes off the website, but that requires you to go look for them. This way you get pretty pictures and ideas 4 times a year.

    A lot of it is “how many highly processed Kraft foods can we jam together in one recipe” but I almost always find at least one thing to pull out of every issue. Mostly deserts, since they feature a lot of Philly cream cheese and I’m a sucker for anything cheese-cakey! 🙂

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