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Late Pregnancy Woes June 27, 2008

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So in these last few weeks, the home stretch, I’ve begun developing every single pregnancy symptom I thought I’d dodged; plus some I’d never heard of.

There is of course, the very common swelling of the hands and feet. Which has turned into unrelenting finger numbness. I’m worried about permanent nerve damage and being able to ever feel them again. I’m starting to have trouble heaving myself back up into the bed after nighttime pee forays because my hands hurt too bad to put any weight on.

And now I’ve noticed some of the skin weirdness promised by the books: skin tags and pregnancy mask. I have all these teeny bumps of extra skin around my neck and collar bone. I hope they go away after the pregnancy; I am moley enough. Across the top of my cheeks now I have what looks like sun spots. I keep thinking my face is dirty. Again, I hope this fades.

Add to that, I have lock jaw. This, I have never heard of as a pregnancy side effect. I’ve always had sort of mild TMJ with the popping and what not coming and going, but now I am physically unable to fully bite down. The left side just won’t go down and it hurts and pops. I have to chew carefully on the other side (not that this is slowing down my food consumption at all).

Oh, and the stretch marks have started on my lower belly. Whatever, it’s not like I’ll ever wear a bikini again, and they will fade away to the point where only I will notice them going forward, but still. I have some of Avon’s new fading cream to try once I’m done breastfeeding.

Like I said last time, I still don’t feel like “God, I’m so ready to be done with pregnancy,” but I am for sure ready to be done with the associated misery. One more side effect and I just might crack. I’m at the point now where I’d be happy to get in one more week of work (thank god it’s a short one) and then be done…


2 Responses to “Late Pregnancy Woes”

  1. selftraining Says:

    Hey it’s twinmommy- I’m starting a new blog…non-baby or at least not totally baby AND definitely top secret…

  2. booksunread Says:

    Cool; will definitely have to add it to my reader!

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