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Feeling a Little Shafted July 2, 2008

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On Saturday, Miguel went out and bought us a camcorder. I sent him off to buy a new suit for work (because the skinny bastard hasn’t bought a new one since he dropped 25lbs last fall), and somehow he ended up calling me from Best Buy about camcorders, wanting me to authorize a several hundred dollar purchase. I counseled gathering the information on pricing for everything so we could talk about it when he got home, rather than make an impulse buy. Of course, Mr. Instant Gratification called me back 15 minutes later to pester me some more and I relented.

Monday night, Miguel’s boss took out his department and spouses to celebrate the impending arrival of wee baby. As we sat down at dinner, Miguel launched into the story of how he bought the camera and editing software and was going to be able to produce masterpieces with music soundtracks, etc.

After dinner, I let Miguel open the gift and as he started on one end of the box I thought, that’s an odd shaped gift to be from everyone-too big to hold a gift certificate, too small to really hold anything that would have been left on our registry or blankets and sleepers, etc. As Miguel joked “I wonder what it could be” and shook the box a bit, to which his boss responded with a bark of laughter, I thought “Oh shit, it’s a camcorder.”

And I was right. AWKWARD! His boss rushed to assure him that he could give him the gift receipt while Miguel rushed to gush over how much nicer it was than the one he’d bought and how we were going to return the other one. On the way home, Miguel started agonizing over what to do; at that point, we weren’t even sure we could return the first camera since the box had been opened (but thank god, not thrown away). Turns out we can, minus a 15% restocking fee.

I am just blown away by how generous this gift was. It was about twice as nice as the one Miguel had bought. I’m worried it might be a little more camera than we need, but turns out it came from a pro camera shop and it’s not like we could do much for the baby with a store credit from there and it would just be all ooky and awkward to do anything else with a return. So, wow, new super HD camera. (And also, even tho there is no way we could have predicted such a generous gift that would cause us to end up with two new video cameras, this is why Miguel should ALWAYS listen to me. If we had waited, we wouldn’t have to eat the restocking fee and he wouldn’t have had to agonize over camera specs to decide which to keep.)

Which leads us to the shafted part…Miguel has been at this job just over a year. I have been in my job almost six. You know what my work has done? Um, nothing. Granted, we’re not really a monthly birthday cake, Christmas party kind of office, seeing as how the office manager is a Jehovah’s witness and doesn’t celebrate things. But she did organize a bridal shower for my ex-employee after she’d been here barely a year, and she barely ever talked to anybody in the office! It’s not that I’m expecting a top of the line camcorder, but I did kind of expect that there would be some sort of little celebration…some cake and maybe a small group gift. I mean, at this point, I could go out any day, so it’s kind of late for anything to be suddenly planned. My feelings are a little hurt…


5 Responses to “Feeling a Little Shafted”

  1. TwinMommy Says:

    Thank you for this post! I’m right there with you. I’ve been at my job 3 years and also got nothing. I single handedly organized a baby shower for a colleague (for his one baby) a couple years back and 6 of us gave him $180 in gift cards and I bought a huge cake. There have been other baby showers that I’ve contributed to as well! The women and men who I gave presents to barely issued a contrats to me.

    On the other hand, my husband has been in his new unit/city since January and they had a fundraiser for us! Sound strange, well they (like everyone) were aware of our situation with 30 days in the NICU (generating nearly $7k in bills after insurance) and having one baby with super expensive formula. The BBQ fundraiser got us $350! That office is 2/3 the size of my office. We were shocked and amazed by the outpouring of help.

    Did you invite anyone from your office to your personal baby shower? I had a few people and they gave me presents there…perhaps that’s all we should expect…though, wait! people from my husbands office were there too!

  2. booksunread Says:

    Nope; my personal shower was at home in Chicago, so no one here was invited. The local dinner club girls also took me out for a tea but I limited that to just the four of us that regularly attend/run around together and do other things.

    For the guys in the office who have had babies, we’ve contributed to group gifts for baby #1.

    At least a couple of the women will probably give gifts after wee baby gets here; I’m not so much annoyed about a lack of gift, more the lack of any coordinated acknowledgement-i.e. a little party and some cake. But maybe really I’m pissed off b/c I want some cake. 🙂

  3. TwinMommy Says:

    I agree…it isn’t the lack of gifts but the lack of acknowledgement! (I focused too much on the gifts in my original post- that really isnt it for me either)

  4. maybelle76 Says:

    What’s the matter with your assistant?! He must be clueless to how these things work. I mean order a cake from Jewel and tell everyone to gather after lunch – how hard is that? My feelings would be hurt too. On the other hand – Miguel’s office rocks so focus on that and all the fabulous footage you can capture of wee baby! 🙂

  5. booksunread Says:

    Well, since my assistant is a dude, I really didn’t expect him to be the instigator, but yeah, I totally thought one of the women would do something.

    They did all go out to lunch today while I was at the dr.s office, and they brought me a desert back, so I guess that was my cake. 🙂

    Well, my office always has been the den of no fun, so nothing new. Miguel’s boss and coworkers are totally the bomb!

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