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Bed rest July 11, 2008

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Starting today, I’ve been put on modified bed rest. No more work for me. It was supremely weird to go back to the office, officially hand off all my work and leave with my plant for next 3 moths or so.

It was pretty much the same drill as last week; my bp was send you to the hospital high when I got to my appointment, but after some side lying down, went back down to actually pretty good. My urine is still protein free, so we’re not venturing into preeclampsia territory yet. So that’s where they want to keep me. They are hoping the bed rest will buy me enough time in that pre-preeclampsia state that I will go into labor on my own, whereas if I pass over into preeclampsia, they will have to induce me.

The internal exam revealed that not much has changed…I’m maybe a loose 1 and a half cm. The exam was also a little extra vigorous today…what according to the girlfriend’s guide used to be called “stripping the membranes” to try and jump start labor. The NMW didn’t call it that, she just said (with her fingers up my vaj), “I’m going to do something here you’re not going to like. I’m going to kind of run my finger around the inside of the opening and try to massage it open a little more. So take deep long breaths.”

Not any kind of massage you want, let me assure you. I let it go about 30 seconds before I let out an “Oh God!” and stared trying to crawl up the table away from her. Seriously, it hurt really fucking bad. After she was done I was like, well, labor is going to be fun. Because seriously, that only lasted 30 seconds and I could barely take it (looks like I will be catching the early express train to epidural land).

And then they sent me on my way; I go back on Tuesday for an ultrasound to make sure the baby is doing okay and not under any stress from my high bp (his heart rate was great and he was moving around during the exam). Which I guess they’re not all that worried about it if we can wait until Tuesday. (This is what I get for having my weekly visits on Fridays-shoved off until after the weekend. That’s my advice to any pregos out there; when you get down to every two week visits, make sure they fall in the early, not late, part of the week!)

That’s the thing that has bugged me through this whole thing, this panicked “Oh, that’s bad!” followed by “wait, never mind, go home. Call us if you have a headache.” I called back the nurse this afternoon to ask if I do go into labor, since they are concerned about my bp, do they want to hear from me sooner than the usual “call when your contractions are 5 mins apart consistently for an hour” rule of thumb (which seems ridiculously last minute to me even for a regular no worries delivery). I figured, they’d probably want to monitor my bp more closely earlier in my labor. The answer, nope; only call if you’re having headaches, visual disturbances, etc. Or if you’re concerned about anything, you can always call if you have concerns. Okay then.

But the more I thought about it this afternoon, the more I thought well, that’s at least twice now that my bp has been “alarmingly” high, and at neither time was I having headaches, double vision or these symptoms they keep telling me will be indicators that my bp is too high. So maybe you only get those indicators if stays that high and mine is just occasionally spiking that high. But um, what are they odds that my bp is ONLY spiking that high the 30 seconds out of the week that they are checking it? Pretty slim, I would guess. Of course, now the office is closed so I could call the emergency number and be annoying, but I’m guessing I won’t. Meh.

Anyway, I should probably go lie down. I’ll have to do a whole ‘nother post on yesterday’s “labor inducing” massage. (Hint: so far, NOT working)


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  1. maybelle76 Says:

    Woohoo bedrest! It’s not so bad when the end is in sight. Looks like you’ll be doing a lot of reading in the next week or so 🙂

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