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Still No Baby July 17, 2008

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And Wee Baby’s delay is really starting to stress me out. If he doesn’t show up today or tomorrow, he is going to seriously screw up the family visit schedule. As it is, it’s going to be very tight.

Unfortunately, all of our family is at least 6 hours out of town, so there will be no popping by for an hour or two and then going off to their own homes. Any family visitors will be staying with us in our house. 24-7.

Originally, I really wanted to be home for several days before the influx of visitors started. I just didn’t want everyone’s constant two cents about how I should be doing this or that while I was trying to figure things out as a first time mom. As we’ve gotten closer to my due date, and I’m more uncertain about how I’m going to feel after, especially if I need a C-section, I’ve been more flexible in my thinking. I figured we’d see how it went, and how I feel and if I needed/wanted them right away, my parents could jump in the car and come down on pretty short notice. If I felt up to it, we could plan for them to come a couple days after.

My in-laws are scheduled to come out a week from Sunday, no matter what. My SIL is coming with them and she is a teacher with two kids. School is starting soon for her and her husband has a second job essentially so she’s made arrangements for kid wrangling and daycare, etc. and therefore doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in changing plans to accommodate wee baby’s stubbornness.

At best, if I have wee baby today or tomorrow, then I’m in the hospital for 2-3 days, my parents will need to come in the day I get out of the hospital, to give them a decent 3-4 day visit before we have to turn over all the guest rooms and bathrooms for the next wave of guests. At worst, wee baby waits as much as half a week late or more and then we’re completely screwed…I don’t even know what we’re going to do. I think it goes without saying that I will never be forgiven if we let Miguel’s family comes in and meets the baby before my parents. My mother holds grudges and this would be the mother of all grudges to hold.

When we originally talked about this, the end of July for the In-laws visit seemed plenty far enough out. I never counted just how many days that was from my due date, nor dreamed wee baby would keep us waiting past it. I always assumed people who were “overdue” were more likely screwed up on their dates than actually growing a baby for an extra week. Since we knew without any doubt wee baby’s conception date, I figured we were safely right on the money and would maybe even be lucky enough to go early (common wisdom regarding 1st baby’s late arrivals non-withstanding).

Every night I’m laying awake running the math on another day lost and right now, I’m about ready to cry.


3 Responses to “Still No Baby”

  1. selftraining Says:

    Wow! Take it easy on yourself! I didn’t want anyone nearby for the first few days when we were out of the hospital- I wanted to figure out our routine. Whatever happens- learn to take deep breaths 🙂

  2. maybelle76 Says:

    Seriously – the last thing you need to be worrying about is accommodating your guests. This is your time with Miguel and the baby and if you want a few days to yourself – that’s what you need to do. Your Mom will have to get over it if your inlaws meet him first – and that being said if you need to ask the inlaws to come later, than that’s what you should do. Don’t worry about their schedule – you’ve said this is the only baby you want and it would be a shame for you to look back on this time and remember being stressed out. Just relax b/c I’m sure you won’t be able to once wb is here! 🙂

  3. rosieswhimsy Says:

    My daughter just had her little girl on the 15th. I was there for the delivery and her return to home but then I took off for three days and her husband marshaled the rest of the visitors. She is lucky that no one has to stay overnight. I can see how that would be overwhelming. I am glad to be reminded by your post to not overwhelm dear daughter and husband!

    Since you last wrote on the 17th, I assume baby has come and you are handling it come what may 🙂 Best Wishes!


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