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Due Date July 18, 2008

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Given that it’s after 4, and I haven’t had a single ripple in the uterus area, it’s safe to say that my due date will likely come and go without producing a wee baby.

I was pretty bad yesterday about watching my salt and hydrating, then this morning I purposefully had caffeinated coffee and ran a few errands in the heat prior to my doc’s appointment, all in an effort to amp up my bp and puffiness. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out; while my bp was a ridiculously high-160/88-at the beginning of the appointment, after laying down it went back down to the more reasonable 140/80. Added to that I’ve apparently lost 3lbs of water, my puffiness is down and my pee was protein-free, and the conclusion was, “sorry, the bed rest is working to keep you out of the danger/preeclampsia zone.” Which, obviously is good for the health of me and wee baby, but not so good for convincing them that wee baby should get a helping hand in arriving.

Added to that, my cervix is still locked up tighter than a bank vault, making them even less inclined to push me along. I have not dilated or effaced one smidge in the last three weeks. So I got the vigorous attempt at stripping my membranes again, which I must say I bore much more stoically than last time-either this doc had a gentler touch or I’m more desperate and willing to suffer for the cause this week. (Not willing to suffer for the cause? Miguel, who flat out refused when I told him the doc’s best suggestion was he take one for the team and have sex with me tonight. Poor thing also has a cold, so I can’t really blame him for not being down, errr up, for a pity/duty fuck.)

They want me to stay on bedrest through the weekend, and do another 24 hour urine test, just to really rule out preeclampsia. Then Monday when they have the labs, I will go back in to see what’s what. She has promised me that I will NOT be pregnant for another whole week. Depending on the labs, what else they have going on in terms of scheduled inductions/c-sections, and when my preferred doctor is on call (answer I DO NOT CARE, WHOEVER IS ON MONDAY IS FINE WITH ME), we will make a plans to induce me in the early part of next week.

Of course, all this is if wee baby does not show up this weekend, which WOULD BE NICE (ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME YOUNG MAN?).

Also, on a positive note, I talked to my SIL this morning about visit schedule and she told me absolutely not to worry about it. We will figure it out. I should have just said something in the first place, rather than preemptively freaking out.


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