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Heading to the Hospital July 19, 2008

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Shortly. My water broke a little while ago!


2 Responses to “Heading to the Hospital”

  1. TwinMommy Says:

    WOOOOHOOOOO!!! My babies were Saturday babies too! They’re the best kind of babies 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how big the little guy is…oh and the name- did you choose Alfred or Hercules?

  2. booksunread Says:

    Thanks everyone. This is a two sec break here. I’m going to go ahead and delete previous comments b/c of my anonymity paranoia-I don’t want his real name linked this blog-even just his first. Will have to work on a good alias for him. So far, it’s Sir sleeps a lot KNOCK ON WOOD (and even them I’m totally overwhelmed-how do people survive this?) 🙂

    And also, he is awesome, this is awesome and also awesome.

    I’m actually glad that my parents are on their way right now. I keep wanting Miguel to do 6 things at once so it will help to have additional hands at my disposal!

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