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Getting the Hang of Things August 7, 2008

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So we’re coming to the end of our first full week at home; just me and baby all day, every day.  Right now, each day is still a little different, but I’m trying to establish some sort of order or pattern.  We necessarily have to be flexible while we’re still establishing breastfeeding and making sure that he is gaining weight as needed.  Schmooper has to eat at least every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night.  However, during the day, he is often awake and cluster feeds within an hour and half to two hours of his last feeding, which means that next scheduled three hour feeding gets pushed back.  If he’s sleeping and it’s been three hours since his last feeding, I have to wake him up to make sure he eats.  I hate waking him at night to eat, because if his natural inclination is to sleep for 4 or 5 hour stretches, I don’t want to break him of that habit and establish a new one of waking up during the night.  Still, getting 3 hours or so at a stretch of sleep at night is not too shabby at this stage of the game. 

With the cluster feeds pushing back feeding times, bedtime can be anywhere from 9 to 11.  Which means wake time can be anywhere from 4 to 6 am.  If it’s on the early side, I’ had been putting him back to bed and catching another hour or so of sleep.  I think from now on though, I’m going to try to stretch him to 6 and get up for the day then.  I’m starting to get him out in the stroller for walks and it’s a lot to wrangle the dog and try to keep the glaring sun off of him when I got out later when it’s warmer.  I had him out by 7:30 this morning and it was still pretty cool and the sun was much less bothersome.

He usually sits relatively quietly in his bouncy once we get back so I can grab a quick shower and sometimes even blow dry my hair.  Then he’s ready to eat again and usually conks out for the morning until his next scheduled feeding.  This is when I can grab breakfast, check e-mails, pay bills, read blogs, make phone calls, finish and order birth announcements, etc.  I’ve also gotten smart and started to make my sandwich for lunch during this time so I can eat quickly if he’s awake and won’t settle down during lunchtime.

Then he usually has a good amount of awake time.  If he goes down for a stretch in the afternoon, I try to grab a nap then as well.  He’s a little fussy once he wakes up from that nap and cluster feeds/fusses until Miguel gets home.  By that time, I usually pretty fried and happy to hand him off. 

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks when we can start 1. pumping and giving him bottles so I’m not the sole feeding trough, and 2. putting him on more of a set/predictable schedule. 

Other than that, I’m recovering surprisingly well.  I felt pretty good right off the bat, but maybe that was the adrenaline talking.  The soreness has been minimal, the bleeding has eased up considerably, and I can finally see the veins and ligaments in my feet.  I’ve been sweating out excess fluid by the bucketful every night. 

My blood pressure continues to be a problem, and I’m on meds until my 6 week postpartum check up.  The other thing that hasn’t improved is my hands; the numbness is still constant in both.  I think it’s probably actually getting worse; all the positing and holding the baby for nursing is very hard on the wrists.  My OB’s office told me to give it until I’m 6 weeks post partum to get rid of all the excess fluid that may be putting pressure on my carpal tunnel nerves.  If it hasn’t improved by then, I will have to see my primary care doc and potentially get cortisone shots in my wrists.  In the meantime, I’m trying to wear my braces as much as possible and trying to limit my computer time.  Which means I should probably wrap up this post and go make my sandwich!


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