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Um, Oops. August 12, 2008

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Anyone who has even attempted breastfeeding is familiar with the lilac colored packaging containing Lansinoh products, all designed to make breastfeeding easier, and more painless.  (Side note, a trip to their website tells me it’s Ntl. Breastfeeding Awareness Month-who knew!)  I am currently using their disposable nursing pads and pure lanolin ointment, and used their latch assist to get the baby going at the breast. 

In the box of pads, there was also a small sample packet, in the same lilac color, of clean and condition cloths.  Which, great, more soothing lanolin for those abused nipples, I thought.  So I started using them after I got out of the shower, to make sure I hadn’t left any soap residue and to, well, condition them, as the package promised.

When the sample packet ran out, I took myself off to the store and purchased a full size package.  It was on the side of the grocery store aisle with the other feeding and nursing products, not the side with the baby wipes (you’ll see why this is important in a moment).  And as I was looking at that big package on my bathroom sink the other day, I realized that they were not in fact clean and conditioning cloths for my boobs, but for the baby’s ass.  Yes, Lansinoh has branched out to both T&A and also makes diaper wipes now.  But can they just call them diaper wipes? NoooooO, they have to make them sound all fancy and call them “conditioning cloths,” the better to confuse bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived, nursing new mothers. 

On the bright side, I have an extra package of wipes handy now…


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