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Uncanny August 15, 2008

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Somehow, it doesn’t matter what route I take, how long or how short I make the walk, the schmoop somehow knows when we are at the very furthest point from the house possible, and picks that time to start up with the wailing.  It’s like he’s got some kind of radar.  He’s still hit or miss on liking the stroller, but I’m trying to get him out every day regardless. 

Some days I use the bjorn; it’s a little easier to wrangle the dog that way, but I can’t really set a good pace with it on or we both get all sweaty.  Still, we have been really lucky lately with a stretch of 80ish days that have enabled us to get out at all.  If it was in the 90’s and sticky, I’d either have to get up at the crack of ass to get out there before it got hot (unlikely) or we’d be trapped in the house for the most part. 

We’re settling in to a bit of routine here.  Schmoop gets up b/t 5:30 and 6:00, I put him back down until 9, and go back to bed myself for an hour.  Then I get up and have my coffee and breakfast and get dressed for our walk in peace before he’s up again.  I’m going to have to start altering that at some point in the near future, though, and give up that extra hour of sleep.  He’ll have to get used to starting his day at 6:00 once I go back to work.  It’s still 6 weeks off, but I’m already thinking ahead to setting a good schedule that works for all of us.  Which…the schedule setting is a whole ‘nother post.  Is it too early to start trying to get him on one?  If I wait, will I be setting him up for bad habits that are going to make it harder down the road?  It’s so hard to tell…every book espouses a different philosophy and I’m sure no one method/plan is right for every baby or family.  Gah.  He’s not even a month old and I’m already worried about screwing him up.


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