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River of Poop August 23, 2008

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So that’s what I had to deal with yesterday.  As I was changing him, he just started going, and all I could do was just pull the back of his onsie up, up, up, trying to keep it out of the way of the rising tide of poo (um, FAIL, another load of laundry!).

In other fun bodily fluids mess…Sunday, we gave him a bath so he’d be all nice and squidgy clean for company.  Then, as I was feeding him, he pooped and blew out his diaper and the back of his cute outfit.  I got him on the changer and naked, where he promptly peed all over his own face.  Mmmm, want to kiss my cute baby?  (We normally keep a washcloth handy to cover the plumbing, but it had gone into the bath tub with him to contain any spray on the way there.  It never fails that the times we neglect to fully cover his junk is the time that he pees mid-change.)

As gross as all this sounds, it’s really not so bad.  Things are going along pretty good for the most part.  He’s having more cute alert awake time (he just loves staring at those plain white ceilings!) but also has started to have that fussy witching hour between 5 and 8 or so.  Hopefully he will outgrow that quickly. 

Now I’m starting to stress about establishing good sleep habits where he self-soothes and puts himself to sleep and sleeps through the night and naps good during the day and is awake and mentally alert and not a hyperactive reprobate.  Seriously, I’ve just started reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and I’m 10 times more stressed out than I was before about getting all of this right and establishing good habits.  They make it sound like if you don’t make sure your kid gets enough sleep he will be a serial killer.

That’s what’s most frustrating about all this-the uncertainty.  The invisible line between soothing and taking care of your infant who’s not capable of self-soothing and establishing habits that are going to be hard to break later on and just lead to a lot of misery.  Also, there’s the tradeoff between what’s most expedient now vs. in the long run.  Do I rock him all the way to sleep for 20 minutes, plus an extra 10 minutes just to make sure he’s fully asleep?  Or do I rock him for 10 minutes, then put him down in his crib to finish the job himself, coming back in and patting and shushing him multiple times (without picking him up) until he’s asleep? Sometimes when we try this, he goes right out without any return trips, sometimes, the process that takes half an hour longer than if I’d just given in and rocked him all the way to sleep in the first place.  The first way is shorter now, but the second will be shorter when he no longer requires the additional trips in to reassure him and consistently goes right to sleep. 

In either case, the Healthy Habits book says that it’s useless to start trying to establish sleep habits until 3 months, so I should really just give in and go with the flow for now and stop stressing myself out.  (Of course, the Babywise book says the complete opposite and encourages you to start establishing patterns now.  See? Stressful. So hard to know what the right thing is.)


2 Responses to “River of Poop”

  1. selftraining Says:

    Oh dear girl! First of all, the “witching” hour does go away and that was living HELL! As for sleep habits it was probably 3 months when we let them cry it out and it has been mostly wonderful ever since. As for dailing napping, at nearly 6 months we still don’t have that down to a science.

    I’m anti-babywise for the most part. Right now, one of my babies is still asleep…the other one has been playing quieting in his crib (mostly grabbing at his feet and cooing) for more than 30 minutes…but I never get him before 7am unless he’s crying.

    It will get better…though the river of poo never dries up….just wait until it starts when you are in the bathtub with him!

  2. booksunread Says:

    Thanks! I know I’m just borrowing trouble stressing about the, “but what if I turn him into a spoiled monster that only wants to sleep when I’m holding him?” I need to just relax and enjoy him now. Once he hits 3 months and I go back to work, there will be plenty of time to figure this out.

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