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No More Visits to the Big House October 14, 2008

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Look! A new post! That has nothing to do with babies!

At my office building, we share the floor with a big home health care company, and there is one employee there who must spend 80% of her working hours pacing the halls on her cell phone.  And she is always talking full volume about some gruesomely personal redneck drama of the day.

She reminds me of Kate Jackson, when she starred in a cheesy Lifetime movie called Empty Cradle as a crazy white trash nurse who steals a baby.  The fact that this woman wears scrubs every day only reinforces the image (I still can’t figure out why the employees who seem to be full-time office workers at this company still wear scrubs to work…).

Today, as I left for a doctor’s appointment, I got trapped behind her as she moseyed down the middle of the hallway yapping.  When I returned an hour and half later, she was STILL out there.  As I passed, I heard her say “Well, I don’t care, I’m not going to visit him behind bars anymore…”


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