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Because I am insane October 27, 2008

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I told myself that I wasn’t going to spend money on an elaborate Halloween costume for Squidgy this year.  He’s too little, doesn’t care and it’s a waste of 20-30 bucks. Instead I got him a cute little halloween romper and pumpkin booties from Target and called it good.  But then! Also at Target, I spotted a chicken costume for the dog-for only ten Bawks! I mean c’mon, humiliating the dog once again this year? Totally worth ten smackeroos.

And then, since the dog had a costume, I thought, hey, it would be totally cute if Squidgy had one that went with it, like a theme.  And so, I decided that he would be an egg.  How hard would it be to make and oval shaped sack?  Cheap and easy-no problem!

And then, I was cohosting a baby shower this weekend. And I thought, “hmm, I have these baby-themed planters we got when squidgy was born that I would love to find a way to recycle (and get out of my house).  I suck at flower arrangements, what else can I do?  I know, I will make a cookie bouquet!”  How hard can it be to buy some already made sugar cookie dough, make some cutouts of baby feets and flowers and what not and bake them with sticks in them?  Quick and easy-no problem!

Last week at lunch, I merrily took myself off to the local Michaels and picked up some packages of felt, some sticky back felt, an oval plaque to use as a pattern, and some treat bags for bagging cookies.  And as I watched my purchases being rung up and tried to calculate when I would find time to make this costume and these cookie treats, I thought, “I have lost my damn mind!”

As usual, I overestimated my own craftiness.  I love to get my Martha on and have some stellar ideas, but do not have the patience or skill for successful execution, even when I don’t have to be at the beck and call of a needy 3-month old (pesky kid, always wanting SOMETHING-I’m wet, I’m dirty, I might deign to eat now-no never mind!, wahhh, etc.!).

However, Squidgy’s new earlier to bed routine has allowed me a couple more hours or so each evening so I gamely attacked the costume first.  if you’ll look closely you’ll see that only the seams are sewn (crookedly), and I left the top and bottom edges raw; I didn’t have that much free time.  Plus, it made pesky details like sizing easier that I could just take the scissors to it.

Also in the short cut department…after trying to squeeze the finished sack onto a teddy bear and finding that I would probably have to relocate a couple of squidgy’s limbs to maneuver him into the sack, I got smart and decide to make one whole side open and close with velcro.  Except of course, another trip to Michaels was not in the plans so on a trip to Kroger, I located some sticky backed velcro.  Close enough! I figured, hey, I can just sew this into place.  Which worked like a charm, except that every time the needle went through the velcro, it picked up some adhesive which is not such a good thing. The thread started sticking and I barely got it to finish the cap.  The needle is certainly hosed and I hope I haven’t gummed up the internal works of the machine.

Here is Squidge modeling Saturday night. 

It was pretty much his bedtime and we were popping over to a neighbor’s party for a bit, so that explains his less than excited expression…yeah, that’s it. It totally wasn’t because his mom made him a hoopty costume.

Friday night, I put Squidge to bed, poured a glass of wine and got out the cookie dough.  Guess what? Premade sugar cookie dough? Not made to be cut out.  After painstainkingly rolling, cutting out hearts, stars, flowers and feet, inserting sticks and baking, I got shapeless blobs on sticks. Yay. FAIL

Luckily, I went into this prepared with a Plan B.  Well, sort of prepared, I had an idea, but no supplies, so off I jetted to Michaels and Target again.  (Also, people, what are you doing at Target at 8:30 with your wee kiddies? They should be in bed!)  This time, to pick up melting chocolate in pastel colors and oreos.  Dipped cookies on sticks.  Except when I stuck the skewers into the oreos, the cream center wasn’t thick enough to hold and they were sliding off as I dipped.  FAIL! Poured some more wine.  Started dipping the sticks in the chocolate, insterting them into the cookie and letting them harden before proceeding with the full dip.  Which worked, praise god. Because I did not have a Plan C. 

Of course, the candy coatings didn’t melt that smoothly,  and so coated the cookies rather gloppily, but oh well; done!  Here are the hoopty centerpieces:

And then, because I had to bring a treat to the neighbors party Saturday night, I added red food coloring to the leftover yellow chocolate and coated the rest of the cookies orange.  A little decorator gel from a tube and voila: hoopty pumpkin cookies:

Hoopty Halloween Everybody!


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