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Gift Horse, I’m looking at you November 18, 2008

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After Squidge was born, Miguel bought me a little token to express his gratitude at my having gestated and then delivered his child through a very tiny orifice.  I believe this is known in some circles as a “push present.”  And while I think that the concept, and that name, is kind of tacky-to expect some extravagant gift like the only reason you got pregnant was as some huge burdensome favor to your husband-I fully expected Miguel to mark the occasion with some sort of trinket.  A piece of mommy jewelry with Squidgy’s birthstone or name, certainly nothing terribly expensive.  The expectation was for something more sentimental than mercenary.

Miguel missed the mommy jewelry memo and bought me a watch.  A very, very nice watch.  A watch that almost doubles the net worth of my left hand when added to my engagement ring.  And as a very, very nice watch, it’s all fancy schmancy and it is “self winding” instead of having a battery.  The upside of this “perpetual motion” is that it works forever and ever and you never have to face the nearly insurmountable task of replacing the battery.  The downside is that you must be in perpetual motion for it to wind itself.  And if you don’t wear it for more than a day, it dies, looses time and then you have to wind and set it to get it going again.

And since I take off my watch and ring the second I walk in the door, because both are Squidge scratch hazards, it often sits all weekend without being worn.  So every Monday, I’ve got to stop and reset the stupid watch. Is it ungrateful that I kind of hate that watch and miss my Timex Indiglo?


2 Responses to “Gift Horse, I’m looking at you”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    My watch is the same but I still love it 🙂

  2. booksunread Says:

    Miguel has some sort of watch as status symbol obsession. I guess b/c he lived with a high-end watch rep. I could care less. This is the second watch he’s given me (the last was not nearly as extravagent but still more than I would spend on one). When people drop watch names I’m like ??? Or even jewelry. I have a friend who’s kind of a label whore-she’s a total discount vulture but even at “good deals” the stuff is way overpriced by my estimation. I’m all it’s a David Your-what bracelet? So?

    I also would never think to look at someone’s wrist to see what kind of watch they have. (Guess who spotted the watch right away on her recent visit?)

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