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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back November 19, 2008

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Seriously, if it’s not one thing, it’s another with poor Squidge.  When are we going to catch a break?  Several weeks ago, he was discharged by his GI specialist.  They were happy with his weight gain and the amount of calories he was getting for his weight so all was hearts and flowers and I resolved to stop freaking out over how much he was eating.

Three days later, he suddenly went from one dirty diaper a day to 6 or more of a very different consistency.  (Ewww, I know, sorry. This is what my life has become-absolute obsession with what one tiny little pair of buns is producing.)  So great, now he has diarrhea.  So we went back and forth with the pediatrician and GI specialist who both said it was probably a virus to run its course.  As long as he was eating well, and not dehydrated, it might take a week to clear. 

A week and a half later, he was still having 3 or so dirty diapers a day and it was kind of hard to say if something abnormal was going on, or maybe his body had just recalibrated to the hypoallergenic formula.  As babies mature, their digestive enzymes do too.  Also, the hypoallergenic formula is known for some sloppiness in that department.  Since the proteins are broken down to start with, the digestive process renders them pretty diluted. Anyway, we tested his stool for blood, just to be on the safe side, which came back negative yesterday.

Yesterday was also Squidge’s 4-month check up.  He weighed in at 12 lbs even-a gain of just over a pound in a month-YAY!  AND, he rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time on the doctor’s table-YAY!  But, that flat spot in the back of his head I’ve been eyeing with trepidation for the last month?  The doctor agreed that it was becoming a concern and referred us for PT-BOO!  But also kind of a YAY, I guess, since his doctor is being proactive about it.

My nephew was diagnosed with plagiocephaly (misshapen, asymmetrical head) and torticollis (weak neck muscles) and went through two helmets to reshape his head as well as a year of PT to get his neck strength up.  I don’t think he ever managed to crawl (would scootch along on his butt instead) and was also significantly delayed in walking.  So I’ve been kind of keeping my eyes peeled for this. 

However, Nicky always seemed to have a floppy neck and was always curled up into a little bean, whereas I’ve always been very impressed with Squidgey’s neck strength.  When burping him over my shoulder, from very early on he’d stretch his head back and swivel his head around.  He’s never shown a preference for keeping his head to one side or another.  And when doing tummy time, he’d do a good job of turning his head back and forth and has been able to push himself all the way up on his arms to look ahead of himself.  The past couple days, he’s even army crawled forward some (on his face, but still, forward locomotion!).  I thought we were pretty on track as far as all those milestones, so while I noticed the flat spot, I thought it was kind of a normal amount of flatness that would resolve itself naturally as he became more mobile.

But apparently, he should be able to hold his head up for longer in the middle when you pull him up into sitting position, instead of it drifting down to his chest to one side or another. And he should be doing the other stuff with more frequency and a longer duration.  He didn’t actually use the words brachycephaly (uniform flat spot in the back), or torticollis, but did refer us to PT.  I know my SIL’s pediatrician kept pushing her off, saying that it would resolve itself, so I’m hoping catching it early will mean that with a little PT we can reverse the trend and avoid him having to wear a helmet. 

So all in all, just like with the eating/allergies, it’s not the worst thing that we could be dealing with. He’s otherwise happy and healthy.  It’s just so frustrating that it’s always something.  I’m hoping that there’s some kind of cosmic tradeoff with this and it means he will be awesome teenager who is never sullen or rebellious.


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