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Still Shredding January 29, 2009

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I’m up to day 14 (yes, I missed a couple days in there), 4 days at Level 2.  Yeah, Level 2 is HARD. I’m not sure I’ll be able to move up to Level 3 in 6 days.  I’m still mostly modifying the third cardio circuit-it calls for plank jacks (get in plank position, jump your feet in and out like a jumping jack) and by that time, my arms are fried from all the strength work that came before. So I’ve been doing regular jumping jacks.  The other cardio move in that circuit is double jump rope.  That is murder on my knees/calves (okay, and my labor-stretched bladder control muscles), so I usually run wind sprints from one end of the basement to the other. 

I wish I had gotten my shit together and taken a before picture.  I feel like I’m getting stronger and my body is changing, but it’s not that visible yet.  The weight is coming off faster this week than the daily .2 lbs last week.  I’ve lost 5 lbs so far.  I’ve got at least 13 to go to hit my probably realistic to maintain goal.  I could probably stand to lose about 5 more than that, but I’ve never been able to maintain that weight, even during my “I will have 3 ounces of salad with no dressing for lunch” high school days.  (At our cafeteria, the salad bar was by the ounce, something like 15 cents an ounce so I could get lunch for less than 50 cents and conserve some lunch money-anorexia and savings in one! Win-Win!) (Which is not to say I was ever truly anorexic. Like almost every teenage girl with body issues, I went through dieting periods, that one just happened to be one of my worst-I was trying to get skinny for dance team try-outs.)

Anyway, not anorexic these days is Squidgey, his total intake is getting back up over 25 oz a day consistently.  Thank God.  But it’s still a struggle. It’s so weird, he’ll stop and then get all pissy about it, turning his head and swatting at the bottle, but usually if you can get it past his flailing hands and into his mouth as he thrashes about, he’ll settle down and take down a few more ounces without stopping.  If he really doesn’t want it though, he won’t take it, or he’ll take a couple sucks and quit.  If he does that, I leave it alone.

On the downside, he is still waking at night to eat, and not showing any signs of establishing a pattern of moving towards sleeping through the night.  A couple days it was 4ish, leading me to hope we were getting close.  But then we jumped back to 2:30, and now last night 12:45.  He must be going through a growth spurt, which is good, but g.d., why can’t he just eat during the day like a normal kid?


Why is it January 22, 2009

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..that whenever you are out shopping and shouldn’t be buying anything for yourself, you see a ton of cute clothes you want, but when you need to buy something for a specific event, it’s like ugly threw up all over the store? 

We’re finally taking formal family pix on Saturday.  Since we’re not going to be taking studio pix every three months down at the wal-mart, we decided to splurge and use our neighbor’s studio.  She does BEAUTIFUL work, but she charges a premium for it.  So I want these to come out really well.  I’ve been trying to find something to coordinate with Miguel’s navy sweater and everything in the stores right now is just gross.  The colors are all awful (AT Loft’s last few collections have been terrible-all mustard and bright aqua), or look like the came from the 70’s with the stripes and the prints and those batwing sleeves. 

To top it off, I have a giant red zit smack in the center of my nose and my chin is not looking much better. 

Oh, and I’m still fat.  Today is day 10 of the Shred (in a row, no breaks). This week, I have steadily lost exactly .2 lbs every day.  So if I lose a pound every 5 days, it will take me 85 days to reach my goal.  Awesome.  Anyway, I do feel like I’m getting stronger-I have more endurance and have increased weights on some of the strength moves. Tomorrow, I will move up to workout 2 and see if it kills me.



30 Day Shred-Days 4, 5, & 6 January 19, 2009

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Man, I have never been so happy to see the back end of a weekend in my life!  It was crazy busy, I was basically running non-stop from sunup to sundown.  I had a To Do list a mile long, so every time Squidge went down for a nap, I was running around like a madwoman; cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, cooking (I had to make a freezer meal to take to my new mom friend), etc., etc.  When he was up we were busy playing, eating, etc. On top of it, I was pretty much a single parenting most of the weekend. 

All of which makes me especially proud I did not blow off working out.  How can you make the excuse that you don’t have time for a 20 minute workout?  Or blowing off my to do list, for that matter. It just keeps growing and growing and I was determined to make a dent this weekend, no matter what.

Friday night, Miguel stayed at work late and wasn’t home during the usual 26 minute Baby Einstein/Shred window.  Usually he plays with Squidge and then is around in the kitchen eating dinner or in the office next door during Baby Einstein time.  Our workout room is in the basement, so I didn’t want to leave Squidge alone on the first floor in case he got fussy or needed something (which is rare, usually he doesn’t make a peep…how he remains so fascinated with a tape he’s seen approximately 50 bajillion times, I do not know). (Also, I said “tape” instead of DVD-I am old.)

Anyway, rather than take the excuse to skip, I moved the base unit to his monitor down to the family room, and took the receiver to the basement with me. Voila.  By the time I was done, Miguel was home and got in his Squidgey face time while I showered. Then it was time for bed.Saturday, I got an especially good workout.  I didn’t get a chance to consider working out until early afternoon, at which point Miguel was out running his errands and working out.  So when Squidge got up from his nap, I took his bouncy chair down to the exercise room with me. 

After about 3 minutes, he was not happy with not being the center of attention. So in addition to trying to follow Jillian as she kicked my ass, I had to distract him by making faces and singing.  During the “butt kicks” I was flailing about trying to gasp out the words to Itsy Bitsy Spider while doing the hand motions.  It was all very jazzercise.  But since it was only 20 minutes, we both made it through.

Sunday, Miguel woke up sick.  Fever, nausea, the runs.  I didn’t want that shit anywhere near Squidge so, I was a single parent all day.  I managed to fit in the workout and shower during a nap.

So now I’m pooped. but it’s a good kind of pooped.  Squidgey was in good spirits (for the most part) and we had a lot of fun playing and loving. He is killing me with his rolling and grabbing-he’s starting to figure out how to move himself towards stuff he wants.  I’m really satisfied and proud of myself for getting it all done-baby care, exercise, household chores. I felt like Super Mom.

Well, almost. At about 8 last night, it all kind of fell apart. The dog lost her mind at somehing outside, waking up Squidge.  Who in turn would not go back to sleep.  I’d get him settled, get back to what I working on at the computer and he would start up again. At that point, my frustration hit the boiling point-I was seriously considering checking the flower plot outside I use as an ashtray (for my occasional smoking) for a half smoked cigarette.  

So all in all, I am very happy to be at work today.  Not that I’m going to be lounging around here, but at least I won’t be interrupted by something screaming for something when I’m trying to get stuff done (I hope).


Head update January 16, 2009

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Squidgey had his head measured and evaluated again at the end of December and the news was cautiously optimistic.  His measurements are still within the problem range but moving towards the right direction. 

They measure across his head on the diagonal to come up with a percentage that is indicative of the symmetry of his head. He was at 3% in November, just inside the “normal” range of 1-3%.  Now he’s down to 2%.  Since his flat spot was directly centered in the back, asymmetry hasn’t really been a concern.  It’s good that the measurement improved, but not a determining factor as to whether or not he’d need a corrective device. 

The real news has to do with the circumference of his head and the percentage ratio of the length vs. width of his head.  They measure around his head, obviously, for the circumference and then from front to back for the length and from side to side for the width.  Normal percentage ratio is below 80%.  At his first visit he was at 97%, now he’s down to 93%.  Still a ways to go, but definitely an improvement.  Of the change in his circumference, the majority of it was in the lengthening of his head, which is what he needs for his head to round out. So it’s getting there.   All of this is pretty good considering his weight gain/overall growth was down for that month.

I’m hopeful that with the new formula concentration and his increased appetite, we’ll see even more growth/good results this month.  Unfortunately, he caught another stomach bug this weekend and his appetite is slow coming back.  I’ve also backed off overconcentrating the formula until I’m sure his stomach is back to normal.  I’m really hoping he gets back in the saddle quickly and we don’t undo all the good work we’ve done so far. 

He gets his weight checked again next week and his head the week after.  Fingers crossed!

And, because I can’t resist showing off…here’s mister round head.





30 Day Shred-Day 3

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I’m starting to find the impact a little hard on my knees-jumping jacks and “jumping rope” especially.  And I don’t have a history of bad knees. 

Loving how fast I can knock this out and still feel like I’ve really worked. Every day I find a new muscle group that is sore.  My goal is to keep this up for 30 days straight.  Hopefully in a week, I can go up to the next level workout. I plan to do it as soon as I stop feeling sore after this one.

Now I just have to get my eating under control.


Another Milestone to Mark January 15, 2009

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Squidge is currently asserting his independence by perfecting his “I’m not your puppet, lady” stiff-as-a-board back arch. 

He’s not angry about it…more like, “You would like to put me in the car seat? I decline.”  “You want me to sit on your lap for burping? Pass.”  “Practice my supported sit? Just try to get my little buns on the floor.”  J


Feeling Defeated Again

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After the attack of the Christmas stomach bug, we started mixing Squidgey’s formula at a higher concentration to increase the amount of calories per ounce.  He tolerated it well and even seemed to have finally found his appetite, taking 5 to 7 and sometimes even 10!  more ounces a day, even without the night feeding (back when he was sleeping through the night again).  Between those two things, he was getting almost double the calories he had been before.  We also added cereal to his routine and were working him up to eating a good amount.

Then Saturday night he came down with what seemed like another stomach bug-this one of the puking variety.  He stopped throwing up by Sunday morning, but his eating has been hosed ever since.  Of course, I would expect it to take a few days for his stomach to recover, so we went back to regular strength formula and cut out the cereal.  But it’s been 3 days now with only an ounce or two improvement. He is taking even less than he was before Christmas.  Usually, I can coax him to finish a couple more ounces-especially at bedtime-by taking a quick break when he stops. If it’s bedtime, I put him in his sleep sack and turn down the lights, if it’s not, I change his diaper, play for a bit, etc.  Then I put in his binky, cradle him in close, give him a minute, then switch the bottle for the binky.  Now he is absolutely refusing to have anything to do with restarting, he arches away, turns his head and starts to get mighty pissed.

 We are on the verge of backsliding and loosing all the ground (weight) we just worked so hard to gain.  Last night, he didn’t take more than two ounces of his bedtime bottle, which is usually one of the feedings he reliably finishes-before the bug, that meant he was taking SIX ounces.  Going from six to two ounces is the most discouraging thing in the world to me.  I know, because both my pediatrician’s office and the GI specialist have told me this the last two times, that they will tell me it may take up to a week for a baby to recover from a bug.  However, when we’re trying to get him to gain close to two pounds every four weeks, having him barely eating for a fourth of that time completely fucks it up. 

He has his six month checkup on Monday so with that appointment in just a few more days and the one week rule they tout, I know there is no point in bringing him in.  I did call and ask if maybe his weight had gone up enough (during the happy days when I proudly and joyously circled those 27 and 30 ounce daily totals in his book-yes I am STILL at 6 months logging everything to goes in to and comes out of him) that his zantac dose needed to be increased.  If that was the case, and it might help his eating some, I’d rather not wait the 4 more days until his appointment. 

I weighed him Sunday before the not eating could start taking its toll and he was a little over 14 lbs, up from 13 even at his last appointment. So we were completely on track to hit at least a pound and a half gain at his checkup.   If he weighs in at anything less than 14 lbs on Monday, I fear I’m going to loose my shit completely in the doctors office. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.