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Scary January 6, 2009

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The other day we had Squidge wedged on his tummy in the boppy, his water mat in front of him.  The boppy serves the dual purpose of propping him up a bit higher where things are a bit more interesting to look at, and blocking him from rolling from one side to the other onto his back.  Since he learned to roll out of tummy time, I’ve been engaged in an ongoing battle to keep him entertained on his tummy, so he’ll stay off his flat spot and strengthen his neck muscles. 

His therapist recommended a water mat to keep him entertained so I went on a quest to find one.  Of course, after making the effort to go to four stores, the two I bought have only been minimally interesting to Squidge.  The first one is a surfboard mat with a little window for the water part, but the three foam things just kind of pile up on each other in there and don’t move much (IKNEW I should have kept that box for a return).  The second one a much bigger mat and the fish, boats, etc., float around much more easily when you pat the mat.  The first interests him not at all and the second stopped being interesting to Squidge when he figured out he could not grasp the fishies and get them into his mouth-he tried grabbing at them with his little pincers and when that failed, putting his mouth over them and sucking at the mat. 

Anyway, the other day he spent the usual two minutes poking at the unsatisfactory mat, and then another couple of minutes trying to roll over within the confines of the boppy.  When that failed, I sat by and watched in amazement as he pushed, pulled, and wriggled his way, headfirst, over the front of the boppy.  I have a feeling we are in for it once he gets mobile.  There is not going to be enough child-proofing in the world to keep this kid corralled.


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