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Feeling Defeated Again January 15, 2009

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After the attack of the Christmas stomach bug, we started mixing Squidgey’s formula at a higher concentration to increase the amount of calories per ounce.  He tolerated it well and even seemed to have finally found his appetite, taking 5 to 7 and sometimes even 10!  more ounces a day, even without the night feeding (back when he was sleeping through the night again).  Between those two things, he was getting almost double the calories he had been before.  We also added cereal to his routine and were working him up to eating a good amount.

Then Saturday night he came down with what seemed like another stomach bug-this one of the puking variety.  He stopped throwing up by Sunday morning, but his eating has been hosed ever since.  Of course, I would expect it to take a few days for his stomach to recover, so we went back to regular strength formula and cut out the cereal.  But it’s been 3 days now with only an ounce or two improvement. He is taking even less than he was before Christmas.  Usually, I can coax him to finish a couple more ounces-especially at bedtime-by taking a quick break when he stops. If it’s bedtime, I put him in his sleep sack and turn down the lights, if it’s not, I change his diaper, play for a bit, etc.  Then I put in his binky, cradle him in close, give him a minute, then switch the bottle for the binky.  Now he is absolutely refusing to have anything to do with restarting, he arches away, turns his head and starts to get mighty pissed.

 We are on the verge of backsliding and loosing all the ground (weight) we just worked so hard to gain.  Last night, he didn’t take more than two ounces of his bedtime bottle, which is usually one of the feedings he reliably finishes-before the bug, that meant he was taking SIX ounces.  Going from six to two ounces is the most discouraging thing in the world to me.  I know, because both my pediatrician’s office and the GI specialist have told me this the last two times, that they will tell me it may take up to a week for a baby to recover from a bug.  However, when we’re trying to get him to gain close to two pounds every four weeks, having him barely eating for a fourth of that time completely fucks it up. 

He has his six month checkup on Monday so with that appointment in just a few more days and the one week rule they tout, I know there is no point in bringing him in.  I did call and ask if maybe his weight had gone up enough (during the happy days when I proudly and joyously circled those 27 and 30 ounce daily totals in his book-yes I am STILL at 6 months logging everything to goes in to and comes out of him) that his zantac dose needed to be increased.  If that was the case, and it might help his eating some, I’d rather not wait the 4 more days until his appointment. 

I weighed him Sunday before the not eating could start taking its toll and he was a little over 14 lbs, up from 13 even at his last appointment. So we were completely on track to hit at least a pound and a half gain at his checkup.   If he weighs in at anything less than 14 lbs on Monday, I fear I’m going to loose my shit completely in the doctors office. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.


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