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Head update January 16, 2009

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Squidgey had his head measured and evaluated again at the end of December and the news was cautiously optimistic.  His measurements are still within the problem range but moving towards the right direction. 

They measure across his head on the diagonal to come up with a percentage that is indicative of the symmetry of his head. He was at 3% in November, just inside the “normal” range of 1-3%.  Now he’s down to 2%.  Since his flat spot was directly centered in the back, asymmetry hasn’t really been a concern.  It’s good that the measurement improved, but not a determining factor as to whether or not he’d need a corrective device. 

The real news has to do with the circumference of his head and the percentage ratio of the length vs. width of his head.  They measure around his head, obviously, for the circumference and then from front to back for the length and from side to side for the width.  Normal percentage ratio is below 80%.  At his first visit he was at 97%, now he’s down to 93%.  Still a ways to go, but definitely an improvement.  Of the change in his circumference, the majority of it was in the lengthening of his head, which is what he needs for his head to round out. So it’s getting there.   All of this is pretty good considering his weight gain/overall growth was down for that month.

I’m hopeful that with the new formula concentration and his increased appetite, we’ll see even more growth/good results this month.  Unfortunately, he caught another stomach bug this weekend and his appetite is slow coming back.  I’ve also backed off overconcentrating the formula until I’m sure his stomach is back to normal.  I’m really hoping he gets back in the saddle quickly and we don’t undo all the good work we’ve done so far. 

He gets his weight checked again next week and his head the week after.  Fingers crossed!

And, because I can’t resist showing off…here’s mister round head.





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