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Still Shredding January 29, 2009

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I’m up to day 14 (yes, I missed a couple days in there), 4 days at Level 2.  Yeah, Level 2 is HARD. I’m not sure I’ll be able to move up to Level 3 in 6 days.  I’m still mostly modifying the third cardio circuit-it calls for plank jacks (get in plank position, jump your feet in and out like a jumping jack) and by that time, my arms are fried from all the strength work that came before. So I’ve been doing regular jumping jacks.  The other cardio move in that circuit is double jump rope.  That is murder on my knees/calves (okay, and my labor-stretched bladder control muscles), so I usually run wind sprints from one end of the basement to the other. 

I wish I had gotten my shit together and taken a before picture.  I feel like I’m getting stronger and my body is changing, but it’s not that visible yet.  The weight is coming off faster this week than the daily .2 lbs last week.  I’ve lost 5 lbs so far.  I’ve got at least 13 to go to hit my probably realistic to maintain goal.  I could probably stand to lose about 5 more than that, but I’ve never been able to maintain that weight, even during my “I will have 3 ounces of salad with no dressing for lunch” high school days.  (At our cafeteria, the salad bar was by the ounce, something like 15 cents an ounce so I could get lunch for less than 50 cents and conserve some lunch money-anorexia and savings in one! Win-Win!) (Which is not to say I was ever truly anorexic. Like almost every teenage girl with body issues, I went through dieting periods, that one just happened to be one of my worst-I was trying to get skinny for dance team try-outs.)

Anyway, not anorexic these days is Squidgey, his total intake is getting back up over 25 oz a day consistently.  Thank God.  But it’s still a struggle. It’s so weird, he’ll stop and then get all pissy about it, turning his head and swatting at the bottle, but usually if you can get it past his flailing hands and into his mouth as he thrashes about, he’ll settle down and take down a few more ounces without stopping.  If he really doesn’t want it though, he won’t take it, or he’ll take a couple sucks and quit.  If he does that, I leave it alone.

On the downside, he is still waking at night to eat, and not showing any signs of establishing a pattern of moving towards sleeping through the night.  A couple days it was 4ish, leading me to hope we were getting close.  But then we jumped back to 2:30, and now last night 12:45.  He must be going through a growth spurt, which is good, but g.d., why can’t he just eat during the day like a normal kid?


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