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‘Snot so bad, I guess February 6, 2009

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Whoo boy. We completed the baby bodily fluid trifecta. We’ve had the rivers of poop, and the barfing.  Today, I put a bib on my kid to catch the wads of snot shooting out his nose when he sneezes.  I do not even understand where it all could be coming from. They are seriously as big as golf balls.

Yeah, so Squidgey has quite a cold.  It has been a challenging week to say the least (when isn’t it?).  Squidge’s cold started kicking Monday night so I was up and down, sleeping sitting up with him in his chair for most of the night.  At 4, I decided I had to get an hour of sleep in bed, so I went to get Miguel, who informed me he had been puking and pooping for the last hour.  And suddenly I started to feel a little rumbley, too.  Sure enough within 10 minutes I was running for the toilet.

Talk about my worst nightmare-for both of us to be sick and have to suck it up and take care of Squidge. Not to mention he could ill afford to catch another stomach bug what with his eating/weight gain issues.  Luckily, he did not catch it so we were able to send him to the sitter and retire to our separate beds and bathrooms to ride out the storm.

Not that escaping the stomach bug has done Squidge any good on the eating front.  After eating like a superstar for 2 weeks after his 6 month appointment, he suddenly started going downhill again last weekend.  Arching away, turning his head, refusing to finish more than a couple ounces at a time.  I got him into the pediatrician Monday and his best guess was that his Zantac was not working anymore.  So he switched him to something called protonix. 

Wow, does Squidge hate that shit.  And of course, the dose is twice as much to try to get in his mouth and get him to swallow.  He gags, he chokes, he gargles it, lets it ooze out his mouth and cries.  So fun when he’s already a miserable little ball of snot.  Still, it seems to be working some, he will finish a 4 ounce bottle now and he’s not as fussy when eating, but clearly the cold has sapped his appetite.  Now, he won’t have anything to do with his cereal, either.

I am at my wits end.  I keep going back the pediatrician and they shake their heads when they see the scale and I’m all “but, but, he was eating good, but then he got a stomach bug, and another stomach bug, and a cold.”  I feel like people are looking at me like I am one of those crazy mothers that makes their kids sick on purpose.  Most of my waking hours are consumed with when Squidgey will eat, how much he will eat, how much he has eaten, what size bottle I think I can get him to take, etc.  And yet, here we are, unable to even stay on the growth curve for the 5th percentile with one excuse after another as to why we can’t get his weight up.

He was most likely going to “graduate” from PT today, but between us being sick and him being sick, we haven’t really done much therapeutic play time, so I’m not sure he would qualify for graduation.  But I’m not taking him today because of the whole wads o snot thing.  Which again, I hate for him to miss since he hasn’t been getting good stretching at home, but I know his therapist doesn’t want to handle a 13 pound germ for an hour, nor do I think he would be amenable to it when he doesn’t feel good.

I feel like I’m standing ankle deep in the ocean with the sand being sucked out from underneath my feet by a retreating wave.  Every time I think we’ve made some progress, and things are leveling off, it all goes to hell again.


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