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Getting Back to Normal February 9, 2009

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Fingers crossed, and I’m probably jinxing it by saying it out loud, but it seems like things are starting to turn back around.  My parents were here this weekend and it was a busy one of buying supplies and baby proofing. 

My dad helped Miguel install baby gates across our 6 ft dining room opening, at the top of our open basement stairs and at the top of the stairs on the second floor.  Of course, it was all a big clusterfuck.  Not a single opening had two solid, unobstructed walls directly across from one another for easy mounting; there were banisters, just slightly off-set walls and janky gate construction to contend with.  For every one they had to engineer a mounting system with 2×2’s, shims and lots of swearing. 

We still have to do the bottom of the stairs up to the second floor.  There is a banister on one side and then the other is open for the first three stairs, which are extra long and wide.  So that will be their next visit.  I am so lucky that my dad is the anal retentive carpenter and Macgruber all rolled into one!  If it was solely up to Miguel, we would have ended up putting a foam pit at the bottom of each staircase and hoping for the best!

My mom and I also Macgrubered bumpers (pipe insulation foam covered with a fabric “scrunchie”) for the coffee tables so Squidge doesn’t bump his head.  All this for a kid who still isn’t sitting up more than ten seconds at a time.  He is very rolly, tho. You put him in the middle of the playroom for a couple seconds and when you come back, he’s in the middle of the foyer.

On Friday, I decided that I wasn’t going to wrestle Squidge twice a day to squirt a huge dose of protonix down his throat and asked the pediatrician if we could try prevacid again.  We had 1st tried it when he was just a couple months old and didn’t like it. It doesn’t come in liquid-you have to dissolve a pill in a syringe of water and I found it hard to administer.  The thinness of the water allows it to run out of his mouth more easily than a syrupy liquid med and I was inexperienced in administering meds in general at that point.

So we’re trying it again. It’s only once a day and I’m using as little water as possible to minimize the chance it will run out of his mouth.  There’s been some overflow, but I think he’s getting most of it.  At least, his eating is finally starting to improve again.  We’re back up over 20 ounces a day at least and he is slowly taking more each feeding.  I have to laugh because one of my girlfriends had originally advised not to get too many of the smaller bottles because they outgrow them so fast.  At almost 7 months we’re still going through cycles where that’s all we use because he won’t take more than 4 ounces.

His cold is also getting better, so who knows if the eating improvement is due to that, the new reflux med, or some combination of the two.  He’s still completely refusing cereal now; I only tried on Saturday because I get so upset about his regression.  I’m going to talk to a feeding specialist at his physical therapy center if he’s not back to normal by Friday.

Between the plague and my parent’s visit, I haven’t done the Shred DVD since I think Sunday or Monday of last week.  And while I ate nothing but a slice of toast and popsicles for two days, I more than made up for it during the visit. We always eat well when my parents are here-we go out and/or cook big meals at home.  So I need to get back on that and the food log today.  It has been working.  Saturday night I was able to wear a pair of jeans I thought I was months away from being able to wear in public again.  Progress!


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