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Toby February 16, 2009

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Remember that episode of Friends, where one of Chandler’s coworkers has been calling him “Toby” for the last 5 years because he didn’t correct the guy the first time it happened and now it’s just awkward?  We’ve got a bit of that situation going on in my office with Squidgey’s name. 

I work in an extremely small office, 12 people, and one is an executive of one of our divions-a pretty high ranking position, although I in no way report to him. He is a nice guy, and as such always inquires as to how Squidgey is doing.  Except he calls him “Conner.” Which is not his name. Right first and last letters, but wrong middle. I corrected him the first couple times it happened, but then it happened when we were all out to lunch and I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of everybody.  I did make it a point, though, to refer to Squidge by his correct name a couple times during the rest of the conversation.  He didn’t pick it up, and the Connering has continued.

Now it’s gone on so long it would be totally awkward if I corrected him. Like, “Why have you been letting me call him Conner all this time, why didn’t you correct me before now?”  So, um, Conner it is then.


2 Responses to “Toby”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    Make sure your necklace is more prominent every time you see him! Or get a very large frame with his name engraved on top, bottom, and sides for your desk.

    Seriously – next time it’s just you two and he says it correct him. You can play it off like you never realized he was calling him the wrong name the past nine months 🙂

  2. booksunread Says:

    I know, I need to sack up and do it. I have a little “my boy” photo thing on the side of my office bookcase, I’m thinking of spelling out his name above in little magnet letters so he can read it for himself!

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