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Go Bananas! February 19, 2009

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The smashed bananas were a hit.  Squidge gobbled them down without a pause.  Then I started mixing in some of the banana flavored oatmeal with it and he didn’t skip a beat.  Tuesday when I was out of bananas,  I tried the straight cereal again and he took it.  Go figure.  So I can dial back the freak out about needing OT to get him to eat his solids.  Next up, sweet potatoes.

At his 7 month weight check this week, he stayed back up on the curve where he belongs; he’d gained 9 oz since he was there two weeks ago when we switched his reflux meds.  I can’t quite remember what his 6 month vs 7 month weight was; there were a lot of numbers flying around.  All I know is he passed! We will not be sent back to GI, and we don’t have to go back to the pediatrician until his 9 month visit.  I’m sure my insurance company will be relieved.  Between all the visits to the pediatrician and physical therapy, and the fact that I get an explanation of benefits from both insurance companies for each visit, Squidge’s medical file takes up have of my filing cabinet. I thank my lucky stars every day we’re fortunate enough to have two good insurance plans.


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