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What Do You Guys Call It? March 1, 2009

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Now that Squidge is no longer swaddled, I’ve started putting a little security blanket/lovie in his crib so that he has something to do with his hands other than remove his pacifier.  I never had a security blanket or thing (mostly I rotated through dolls and stuffed animals as my can’t live without comfort item), and I’ve just been calling it a lovie, because I heard that somewhere and since it’s a little 12 by 12 square, it’s not technically a “blankie” (tho it would make a lovely Barbie bedspread).

However, Miguel does not care for “lovie.” He thinks it’s too girly, I guess and doesn’t want Squidge to be asking for his “lovie” out loud as he gets older.  So we’ve been trying to come up with something a little more masculine.  My SIL’s kids both call their various blankets “Buddies.”  I don’t really like that for two reasons-one, it just sounds weird to me, and two, all it conjures up is my niece’s incessant whining. Bleh, just can not handle it.

It’s hard to come up with something because  all of the ones I’ve seen are of the  cutesy ending in “ie” or “y” variety-blankie, chewie, lovie, etc. I’m thinking maybe “Bug” or “Buggy” since it a Bug-a-boo Baby Boo Blankie, but I’m still looking for other ideas. So what did you/do your kids call their security blanket?


2 Responses to “What Do You Guys Call It?”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    please please don’t call it binky!

    • booksunread Says:

      Heh. That has already been ruled out. I wonder if she’ll share it with the baby or if he will have to get his own?

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