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Sunrise, Sunset March 13, 2009

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Okay, I know everybody with a baby says this, but that’s because it’s so true: I can not believe how fast Squidge is growing and changing.  This last month or so has been amazing. His eating and weight have stabilized, so I’m able to stop freaking about that and focus on watching him discover his abilities and explore the world around him.  He’s hitting milestones faster than I can stop to record them.

He went from delayed on sitting, to grudgingly holding himself up, to tentively lifting one hand for a second to shake a toy, to suddenly just being all nochalant,  “yeah, no hands, and I can totally keep my balance as I cram this toy in my mouth, so what?”

He went from locomating around via a combination of rolling and inch worming his body to a speedy frog-legged army crawl. (It reminds me of Ursula the Sea Witch dragging herself towards Ariel on her elbows as she changes back from human form at the end of Little Mermaid.) He’s rocking himself up onto his knees briefly (and pitched himself  face-first onto my parent’s hardwood last weekend) and will probably be full-on crawling within a couple weeks.

Remember all that angst about rolling from his back to his tummy? Now he flips over faster than you can blink and lunges off in another direction-especially when you are changing him and he’s in that super exciting state-nekkid!  This weekend, I had him on the bed at my parents house to change him and, without moving from the side of the bed, I briefly turned to my mom to comment on the fact that he has discovered his pouch potatoes.  At my mom’s “look out!” I turned back just in time to see a little pair of naked buns flash by as he dove past my legs off the side of the bed.  I caught him by the ankle a split second before he crash landed and hauled him up, laughing his ass off.  I think I may need to keep a steady supply of valium on hand, because if this is any indication, he is going to be the type of kid that uses his bath towel as a cape as he flings himself off the roof.

Just in the last two weeks, not one, but two, bottom teeth have started poking through, explaining the two weeks of pissed off night waking we had just survived.

He is getting all cuddley, lifting his arms to be held and grabbing you around the neck in a real hug.  Now when he sees the red-eye light on the camera, instead of freezing like a deer in headlights, he breaks out into a huge, hammy smile.  When  you go in to get him from his crib, he does a full body squiggle of joy to see you.

He is getting too long to cradle across my body, belly to belly-his favorite position; he can’t stretch out all the way without his feet hitting the arm rest.  We have spent countless hours together in the last 7 months in that position-through the hellish witching hours and then just to soothe and put him to sleep. I can’t believe at only 8 months, he is “getting too big” for anything-I’m not ready yet (someone pass a tissue, please).

We’re working our way slowly but surely through the solids-so far we’ve had the cereals, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas and prunes. Next up carrots and then pears. I’m trying to make as much of it myself as I can.  First because  it’s so easy to do-basically all you need is a pot, a blender and an ice cube tray.  And secondly because of all the scares this past year with mass-produced processed food.  (Since I’m not a dirty hippy attachment parent, with all the time in the world on my hands, he will have some processed foods; I will not be grinding my own grains for cereal, and I’m not quite sure I can master those wee little fruit flavored puffs. But what I can make, I will.)

As much as I’m so excited to see what happens next (and dispense with some of the not so fun things like, say, still not sleeping through the night), I don’t want him to grow out of being a baby too quickly.  Already he is loosing that babyish look and starting to look like a little boy.  Especially since we’re not going to have another, I want to capture and savor each of these little memories, so I can remember this sweet face when he is 14 and acting like he doesn’t know who I am when we’re out in public.



One Response to “Sunrise, Sunset”

  1. swapna Says:

    Its just a wonder how fast they learn things on their own! Have a nice weekend!

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