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Damaged Goods March 31, 2009

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It was bound to happen sooner or later-Squidge sustained his first war wound in the mobility battles.  The worst part is I was sitting right there and saw it happen. He was rolling around the floor in his bedroom, and I was laying in the doorway, encouraging him to crawl over to me.  He was crawling in my direction, but stopped and rolled over-right into his changer.  I didn’t see exactly where he hit b/c the diaper champ partially obscured my view.  I just heard the thunk and rushed to scoop him up just as his wail of dismay hit full volume.  I assumed he’d just smacked the side of his head against the dresser base, but when I pulled him away from me to asses the damage, I saw a bloody V-shaped gash at the corner of his eyebrow. 

He didn’t just hit the changer, he hit the exact corner where the molding sticks out on the heavy wood base, creating a corner shaped dent in his eyebrow.  Another centimeter or lower, and it would have been his eye, an inch or so higher and it could have been his soft spot.  I’ve just spent all these months hoping his flat spot would resolve so he wouldn’t have to wear a helmet, now I’m thinking I may put one on him anyway!


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