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What the hell happened to April? May 20, 2009

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Seriously. And while we’re at it-it’s Memorial Day Weekend already? Granted, it’s early this year, but still-damn.  Time is just absolutely flying by.  I’ve had so many posts rattling around in my head, but never have found the time or motivation to get them down.  I’ve dropped out of Facebook entirely, have let e-mail comms lapse, and have been just generally out of touch with everyone except family.

In early April, Squidge and I survived our first separation.  I actually have to say, it wasn’t all that bad.  Don’t get me wrong, coming back at the end of the trip I couldn’t WAIT to get to the sitter’s and get my hands on him and squeeze the stuffing out of him.  But while I was in Maine, we were occupied pretty much the whole time with visitation and funeral and family stuff (and oh, yeah, spending the wee hours of the last morning at the ER with Salsera) that I didn’t really have time to pine for him. 

To tell the truth, it was actually kind of a relief to go to bed knowing with certainty no one would be waking me up in the middle of the night (a streak interrupted by the 2 a.m. ER trek), or dreading feedings and counting  ounces.  If he ate shitty while I wasn’t around, so be it, out of my hands, and by the time I find out about it, it will be a new day and too late to do anything about.  But when I’m there, I add up the ounces through the day and try to calculate the exact best time to feed him again to maximize the number of good feedings for the rest of the day.

Yes, sigh. We are still having eating “problems.” Again, some more.  Leading up to Squidge’s nine month appointment, I was so pleased. His thighs were getting little rolls of chub, he’d been eating pretty well, and generally seemed to be filling out and growing.  I was sure we were continuing the trend of good weight gain we had set between his 6 and 7 month weigh-ins.  However, the pound and a half he gained from 7-9 months were not enough to keep him on the steady growth curve he had been on. 

His pediatrician was…I guess ‘disapproving’ is the right word.  He told me I had to get more calories in Squidge with solids, without reducing the amount of formula he was taking. Hello? Are you new? It is a fight for every ounce that he takes. Exactly how the fuck am I supposed to still get him to take that much when his belly is full of solids? 

The whole visit was completely discouraging and I’m thinking about changing pediatricians.  He was also a Debbie Downer about Squidge’s motor development-he was negative about the fact that Squidge wasn’t consistently crawling on all fours and does not push himself up to sitting position.  And actually, he is dead wrong that Squidge would be considered “delayed” on those things at 9 months.  His physical therapist had just told me two days before that they have until 10 months to reach those goals before they start to worry about a delay.  He just seems to have a very rigid (and inaccurate) definition of what is “normal” with no conception of the fact that every kid is just a little bit different. 

I almost always leave there feeling like I am doing something wrong.  It’s not that I want someone to blow sunshine up my ass when there is reason to be concerned and not be proactive at identifying and correcting problems early.  But there has got to be a happy medium in there somewhere.

And anyway, Squidge started crawling full-time by the end of that week. Now it is impossible to keep him corralled anywhere, he moves like lightening!  He is so proud of himself and happy and fun right now.  We are having an awesome spring!

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