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Pregnant Again June 24, 2009

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No, not really! But apparently, my subconscious thinks that we’ve rolled back the clock and it is June of last year and I’m still eating for two. Especially in the ice cream department. 

I vowed that this week, I was getting back on track and revived the food log.  Yet, for some reason, I persuaded Miguel to buy me some ice cream (light! so that’s okay, right?) and cones Sunday. I figured I could treat myself within reason and wouldn’t feel deprived. Monday night I was good, and used an acutal measuring cup to scoop out a single serving. Last night, I did the same.  Then shortly after eating it, I was rumaging in the fridge and found a jar of almost empty Dove fudge topping forgotten in the door. And then I added a scoop of peanut butter to it, warmed it up, and poured it over a most definitely larger than serving size bowl of that “light” ice cream.

I don’t have an excuse. I knew while I was doing it that it was wrong and asked myself if I really wanted to write this down in my food log, but I didn’t care. Lately, I have felt like I have a hollow leg and can not eat enough to fill it. And of course, I’m not filling it with healthy things. My will power seems to have des(s)erted me entirely.


For the Record June 22, 2009

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Because things seem to be speeding by and I keep thinking, “when did he start doing that again?” The weekend before last when we were at Hocking Hills, Squidge really started getting his sea legs and moving around. It started Thursday-he would tentively turn from the coffee table to couch a foot away and back. By the end of the weekend he was lurching through space from one widely spaced support to the next.
Now we’re just waiting for him to figure out the diaper champ is not weighted enough to support him. He keeps pulling himself up, tipping over, looking stunned, then waiting for us to right it so he can try again.


Good Goggly Moogly! June 18, 2009

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This week is kicking my ass! We were out of town last weekend and came home Sunday slightly hungover and very tired, having to unpack (1/2 of the contents of our house, which we took along to keep Squidge entertained/corralled/out of harms way) and get ready to go back to work on Monday. We have something every. single. day. this week after work-nutritionist appointment, my doctor’s appointment, family in from out of town for dinner, ear infection re-check appointment, and physical therapy.

On top of that, Squidge was out of food so batches of fruit needed to be peeled, chopped, cooked, pureed and frozen; bills needed to be paid; house needed to be tidied and groceries needed to be bought and prepped for company dinner, and oh yeah, Squidge needed to be fed and entertained (and yesterday- bathed with a full outfit change twice after diaper poop-splosions). 

On top of all THAT, I’ve discovered monumental fuck ups with a medical bill from last January and all of Squidgey’s prescriptions since birth.  So I have been stuck in automated phone menu hell with the hospital, both insurance companies, the pharmacy, and the third party pharmacy benefits company, trying to get this shit straightened out. Each call either yielded completely conflicting information or denial of responsibility for anything, sending me back to call one of the other companies, and sit on hold, press 1 for English, etc., AGAIN.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Of course, trying to make a phone call around Squidge means that he is eager to climb you and reach out for a phone tasting, and pissed when it is not offered up on a silver platter.  As an alternative, I can leave him in the playroom, hoping that he will entertain himself while I sneak off to try to make a call.  However, these days, that inevitably ends with me finding him less than 30 seconds later, in another room, attempting to lick an electrical socket.

After a brief honeymoon period where he was fairly independent as far as entertaining himself, yet slow enough locomoting to stay in one place for a while, we’re now entering the lightening mobility phase.  Before, you could stand him at a toy/activity table and he’d stay there for a good 10 minutes-because he didn’t know how to get down.  If you sat him in front of it, he’d spend at least 5 minutes wobblingly trying to pull himself up. Now he’s up and down faster than you can blink and crawling off at Nascar speeds.  After what seems like forever of waiting for him to finally roll over, sit up, crawl on all fours, push to sit, etc., I’m amazed at the speed he’s acquiring new skills.  Walking and running won’t be far off!

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Why the office janitor will be confused today June 17, 2009

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Contents of my trash can: three ice cream bar wrappers, three fruit snack pouches, and a lean cuisine box.

Time to break out the food log again.


May, Schmay June 8, 2009

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In case you missed it-it’s now June! JUNE! Despite all the things I want to get down, it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted. 

We’ve been on the usual busy rollercoaster with Squidge-allergy testing confirming his milk allergy, ruling out a soy one and adding in wheat, egg, peanut and best of all, dog!  So we’ve been busy cleaning our ducts, carpets and dog, and trying to overcome his slight milk allergy by working in regular formula a bit at a time.

Which was going swell until we reached the point where he was getting as much regular formula as hypoallergenic and I switched to the powder formula so that we could over concentrate it to get in the extra calories we’ve been giving for weight gain.  And then it all went into the shitter and it became a wrestling match to get him to take a bottle. Then we adjusted his reflux meds and all was hearts and flowers again.

Until he got an ear infection and once again, down the tubes with the eating.  Either the amoxicillin or the advil was irritating his reflux, so we had another week of shitty eating but we seem to be on the upswing again.  Most. Medicated. Kid on Earth last week: amoxicillin twice a day, zyrtec once a day, prevacid once a day and alternating tylenol and advil all day. 

I fear that we are in for a lot of this with the ear infections…even with the zyrtec, he is still pretty stuffy, meaning lots of potential for stuff to stew up in his sinuses and become infection.  For the food allergy we’re meeting with a nutritionist next week to talk about working in the low allergy stuff and trying to keep his weight gain steady, hopefully without overconcetrating his formula anymore.  Which is a bit of a day late and dollar short since we only have one more month of formula. (Can I get a WOO WOO! on no more formula? I am so fucking sick of counting and stressing about every ounce that he does, or doesn’t take.  He eats his solids eagerly, so knock on wood, once we make that turn we can get all his nutrition from solids and never look back.)

Beyond all that, he is still so sunny and cute and fun and squishy and loveable and awesome that I can’t believe what I ever did without him.  It’s hard to believe that we are coming up on a whole year old.  He’s so big, but still such a little guy with so much more amazing development in front of him.  I want to freeze time and fast forward all at once.