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May, Schmay June 8, 2009

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In case you missed it-it’s now June! JUNE! Despite all the things I want to get down, it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted. 

We’ve been on the usual busy rollercoaster with Squidge-allergy testing confirming his milk allergy, ruling out a soy one and adding in wheat, egg, peanut and best of all, dog!  So we’ve been busy cleaning our ducts, carpets and dog, and trying to overcome his slight milk allergy by working in regular formula a bit at a time.

Which was going swell until we reached the point where he was getting as much regular formula as hypoallergenic and I switched to the powder formula so that we could over concentrate it to get in the extra calories we’ve been giving for weight gain.  And then it all went into the shitter and it became a wrestling match to get him to take a bottle. Then we adjusted his reflux meds and all was hearts and flowers again.

Until he got an ear infection and once again, down the tubes with the eating.  Either the amoxicillin or the advil was irritating his reflux, so we had another week of shitty eating but we seem to be on the upswing again.  Most. Medicated. Kid on Earth last week: amoxicillin twice a day, zyrtec once a day, prevacid once a day and alternating tylenol and advil all day. 

I fear that we are in for a lot of this with the ear infections…even with the zyrtec, he is still pretty stuffy, meaning lots of potential for stuff to stew up in his sinuses and become infection.  For the food allergy we’re meeting with a nutritionist next week to talk about working in the low allergy stuff and trying to keep his weight gain steady, hopefully without overconcetrating his formula anymore.  Which is a bit of a day late and dollar short since we only have one more month of formula. (Can I get a WOO WOO! on no more formula? I am so fucking sick of counting and stressing about every ounce that he does, or doesn’t take.  He eats his solids eagerly, so knock on wood, once we make that turn we can get all his nutrition from solids and never look back.)

Beyond all that, he is still so sunny and cute and fun and squishy and loveable and awesome that I can’t believe what I ever did without him.  It’s hard to believe that we are coming up on a whole year old.  He’s so big, but still such a little guy with so much more amazing development in front of him.  I want to freeze time and fast forward all at once.


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