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It’s like he doesn’t know me at all July 10, 2009

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So Miguel and I were discussing plans for our NOT AT ALL getting out of hand Squidgey birthday party, when suddenly his face lit and he said, “Wanna get a piñata?”  [Little confession, I’ve always had a burning desire to have a birthday piñata (right up there with my weird obsession with having a name long enough to be shortened to a nickname), but my mom was sooo not the piñata party type.] I expressed disappointment that he hadn’t mentioned his piñata interest earlier as just last night I saw a perfectly matching one on the site where I had ordered the plates, but dismissed it as going overboard for a one year old who couldn’t even swing a stick.  Hey, but if Miguel was in…

Then I said, that’s alright, I can just order it tonight, we’ll pay more shipping than if we had ordered together, but oh well.  To which he said, “Or I can just go out and pick one up at the party store.”

Oh hellllls no, we are not having some random party store piñata that Miguel, he of the miami vice furniture up in here.  He would so come back with some random wrong colored wonderpets shit. If it doesn’t match the décor, it stays at the store!


One Response to “It’s like he doesn’t know me at all”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    You are killing me with all this party planning!

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