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Applause July 17, 2009

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Squidgey is starting to make the mental connection between words and things/actions.  We are actually to the point of quasi-communication.  Prior to this, his only real response to attempts at conversation was to laugh his ass off when told “NO.”  He’s been doing that for weeks. Thinks “NO” is the funniest word in the English language.

He’s been kind of clapping on and off, but mostly in mimicking you, not in response to the word “clap.”  This weekend we were working on the use of a sippy cup (a whole ‘nother post about this kid and his aversion to liquid refreshment), and when I squealed “good job!” after a successful sip, he started applauding for himself!  Now if you tell him to clap, or compliment him “good boy!” or “good job!” he busts out with an ovation, wee little palms slapping together, eyes on you to make sure you’re getting this on your mental tape.


Clapping is serious business!

According to one of the handouts I have, by 12 months, he’s supposed to use 3-5 words consistently and intelligibly, imitate object names and animal noises and understand simple questions.  We are so not there yet. It’s still all babbling and testing out his sounds (now with short shrill shrieks when you are not paying enough attention to him).  And I’ve been pretty okay with that-minimal stress. I talk to him, read, I sound things out, repeat object names as we’re playing with/using them, etc.; he’ll get it when he gets it.

On Friday the eye doctor asked about this and I was like “nope, no real words yet.”  And he replied “not even ‘uh oh?’”  And I was thinking, where the fuck would he automatically learn the word “uh oh”? Yes, no, ball, book, bottle, milk, juice, for the love of god go to sleep, what is your major malfunction-all everyday words. But “uh oh”? Is that something that all parents say to their kids?  ‘Cuz I never say it.  I just don’t seem to have a lot of use for it.  If he knocks something off his tray to the floor (on purpose) the response is “stop that” not a singsongy “uh oh!”  If he tips over, I say “you’re okay” and quickly distract him with something else before he even realizes that might have hurt. 

Another new development this week is busting into real, fat, wet tears when he doesn’t get his way. It’s so pathetic, those watery, red-rimmed eyes. I’m hoping this new-found sensitivity is due to the virus he had this week and he’ll stop being all pathetic when he’s feeling better. However, I have a feeling it’s more of a product of the fact that he knows that he wants to communicate something to us, and is frustrated that we don’t get it.   Just wait until he realizes we get it, we are just declining to take his opinion under advisement!


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