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I invented a new kind of yoga August 9, 2009

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I call it, “Flex, Flow, & Find Shit!”

So I was supposed to go to Yoga this afternoon, but Squidgey’s nap/bedtime problems continue and an hour and 15 minutes after I put him down, he was still at it.  Miguel had finally agreed to stop giving in and rocking him, but I didn’t trust him not to go in there after I left the house.  Plus, after a cry it out session winds down, I like to go in there and confirm that Squidgey’s still breathing and that I haven’t killed my child with sheer meanness.

So I decided to do a free Exercise on Demand yoga session courtesy of the cable box.  As I was resting with my face pressed against the floor in child’s pose, what did I spy in the way back corner underneath the entertainment center?  The pink stacking cup! YEAH! The set is now complete again and I can now sleep at night.

Then, I turned my head the other way and saw something green and blue winking at me from underneath the couch.  It was a teether that has been MIA for months. All in all, a pretty productive workout!


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