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Reading Rainbow August 11, 2009

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We’ve finally reached the books are for reading, not for chewing, stage.  Like a mean mommy, I have been keeping Squidge’s books in the top bins of his toy shelf. I take them down when we read them, then put them right back.  I don’t want them all dog eared and gnawed up.  Someone actually asked if the one book that he did have prolonged access to (Miguel’s fault) had been set upon by the dog.  So I didn’t want a whole shelf of tattered books. (Okay, so between this and the missing toy pieces, maybe I AM Mommy Dearest. Oh. Well. Is it a crime to want to keep things nice?)

Anywho, he is tall enough and coordinated enough now to pull himself up on tiptoe and pluck the books out.  Which is hilarious to watch – he wobbles on his toes, then drops to his butt as the book pops free.  He’s bonked himself on the head a couple of times so he scrunches up his face in a pre-emptive flinch each time he feels the book starting to come loose.

Except for touch and feel farm animals (which is only 5 animals long), he hasn’t had much of an attention span for reading until now.  Usually after the first few pages, he’s grabbing the book out of my hands for a taste.  But now he is obsessed with the Wonder Pets board book.  His new trick is to give it to me, plopping himself down in front of me and waiting for me to read it. He is so cute sitting there waiting patiently with his little hands perched on his knees.  He gets quite testy if I pretend like I don’t know what he wants. 

After we get done rescuing the penguin, elephant, skunk, bullfrog, kangaroo, sheep, chimp, fish, and owl and I return the book to him, he promptly tosses it back in my lap for another go. I could read that thing with my eyes closed now.  And it’s only this book, he has zero interest in the 30 other colorful books on his shelf.  I have to distract him with something shiny and quickly hide it after the 10th reading or so.  Then we can move on the play with or read something else.

In other new tricks, he balanced for approximately 1.2 seconds unassisted yesterday.  He’s also kicking out on of his legs as he’s crawling.  He’ll crawl, crawl, crawl, weird straight leg hobble step; crawl, crawl, crawl, weird straight leg hobble step…I don’t know if that is a precursor to trying to stand up or his knee gets sore on the hardwood or what.  No idea.  I guess we’ll just wait and see which trick is next.


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