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Seriously? August 18, 2009

Filed under: Battle of the Scale — booksunread @ 7:40 pm

I am seriously annoyed right now. Miguel just called as he was filling out the application for his company’s 5K and apparently this year, the run is restricted to 16 and over.  And I was like, well, Squidge won’t actually be participating in the race, I’ll be pushing him in the stroller, so no problem.  But he goes on to read “Strollers and children under 16 are welcome to participate in the walk.”

And I said “what are we supposed to do, then?” And his reply was “you can do the walk.”  Um hell’s no, I am not doing the walk. I am training to do the run. You do the walk, you dicksmack.  So yeah, looks like we’re getting a sitter that morning. 

And at first I was kind of relieved, because it’s easier to run without the stroller.  But then I started thinking about it and that also means, it’s just me, running. Out there with all the real runners. So if I come in dead last (a very real possibility), it won’t be all “well, bless her heart pushing that thing the whole 3.2 miles.” It’ll be all “Well, she sucks. Why did she do the run?”

So now I’m back to pissed off. I mean WTF Miguel’s work? It’s a family fitness thing to encourage healthy habits, not the fucking Boston Marathon.  Who the fuck cares if someone else is jogging with a stroller, or if their 13 year old wants to challenge him/herself and try the run?  What is it hurting? 

So meh. Now I’m all ambivalent and pissed off about the whole thing and of course the forms are due TODAY because that is how Miguel rolls so I can’t even think it over some.


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